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  1. Nice! Bergen is a beautiful city with a lot of personality. I grew up there. Known for its poor weather, but on a sunny day it is wonderful. Riding along the «Fjellveien» gravel paths and up to the spectacular view at «Fløyen» would probably be a very nice EUC ride. You could also take a ride across «Puddefjordsbroen» and up the mountainside on Laksevåg up to the top of Øvre Stadionvei for a view down on the city from that side. The city centre is not very bicycle/EUC friendly, so perhaps best to explore on foot. I’d recommend walking down to «Verftet» by the sea for a beer or some simple food. Nice place and the walk there is past some pretty «postcard» streets and buildings. Stavanger is a bit similar to Bergen, but smaller. It has some excellent restaurants, so a good place for some fine dining. The oil museum there is worth a visit imo. I don’t know the city well enough to suggest any EUC rides. Kristiansand is smaller still, but popular during summer. Known for its nice weather. It is very «child friendly» in general, and is particularly popular for families because of the zoo/theme park (in EUC range) from the city centre. There is a popular sand beach right by the city centre and a beer or some fish food by the sea-side at one of the restaurants at «Fiskebryggen» is nice in the sun. The peninsula «Odderøya» would be perfect to explore by EUC, and an excellent place for a picnic. You could also visit the park «Ravnedalen» by foot or EUC. One of my favourite places in Kristiansand, with a cafe serving waffles, burgers, beer, etc. There are regular concerts there as well. If you come by EUC, you could carry it up a steep path going up from the end of the park with the big, green lawn and then ride it back on gravel paths through «Baneheia» to a fresh water lake popular for swimming. It is very close to the city centre. A more ambitious plan could be to take a small tourist ferry to Lillesand, an idyllic small city close to Kristiansand and then ride back. There are excellent bike paths wih direction signs all the way back to KrSand I believe, so no need to ride in traffic. Halfway back would be the zoo, restaurant/hotel/IKEA and a gigantic mall, so probably a suitable place to charge. The Kristiansand area is mostly very bike friendly in general, so easy to get around safely on EUCs. @Fahrtwind @null if any (or both!) come to Kristiansand it’d be great to meet up for a beer, coffee, EUC ride or whatever. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch if it fits with your plans.
  2. Once again I am fascinated that people on the internet can be so wrong on such an obvious topic! The correct answer is that the Ninebot One S2 is the best looking one. In the other end of the scale is the Sherman, a machine so horrid that riding wearing a crinoline dress should be enforced by law.
  3. Disclaimer: I’m no medical expert, so take the following info as what it is, that of a layman in the age of google. A common injury for runners and people standing a lot is Plantar Fasciitis, which (as I understand it) is pain in the foot arch and/or heel because of repetetive stress of the ligament stretching from the heel bone out to the toes. From what I understand, there can be many causes, but I believe people with a forward leaning posture tends to be more at risk because of more strain on the ligament from the calves. So, I would assume EUC riders as a group are high risk for this. I struggle with plantar fasciitis because of my running and haven’t been able to get rid of it, even after years of trying. So I would strongly suggest being careful and patient when dealing with foot pain from riding EUCs. Take several days of rest the minute something feels wrong, or you might risk it not going away.
  4. My instincts as a newbie with little real experience of the danger involved would be: <20km/h, acceptable on pavements/shopping streets, comparable risk to running/kick bikes. Protective gear: none 25km/h, acceptable on bike lanes/places with some distance to pedestrians, comparable risk to riding a bicycle at non-sporting speeds, protective gear: bike helmet 35km/h, acceptable at good bike lanes without nearby pedestrians, comparable risk to casual downhill skiing/snowboarding, protective gear: bike helmet and wristguards 45km/h upwards, acceptable on roads, not in bike lanes. More risky than driving a motorcycle, protective gear: full helmet, lots of padding But I don’t know what I am talking about here, so this may be way off.
  5. If the wheel don’t know the «real» down, wouldn’t a sharp turn on flat ground also cause a shut down? In that case the combined g-force should point mostly outward towards the side, same as when tipped over. ...or perhaps that would simply be a very unrealistic turn that wouldn’t ever occur?
  6. As a beginner I also struggle with aching muscles in my feet. I am a runner that have had all the classics in foot injuries. As a result I have also accumulated a lot of different footwear and insoles. For me the best shoes for riding seems to be the minimalist Merrell Trail Gloves. Pretty much the same concept as FiveFingers, but without separate toes. What I like about them is that I feel I have an excellent grip on the pedals, which in turn makes me instinctively relax my feet a bit more. And also, they make it easy to wiggle my toes a bit, stretch my arches, etc. That means I can ride longer before it gets unpleasant. But eventually I have to get off and walk for a couple of minutes before continuing. I’m worried about getting more foot injuries because of my EUC. What I am hoping is that it will be good excerise for strengthening the muscles which will make me less prone to injuries when running. Right now I have no idea what to expect. I can easily imagine it going either way.
  7. I’d be interested in this as well. I have read the posts about faceplants on V8 when pushing it to its 30km/h limit, but the V8F is a more powerful wheel (with a different engine I think?). Have there been similar accidents on the V8F? I’ve been above 30km/h by accident a couple of times and had no sense of being close to the limit in any way. But then again, as a beginner I might just not have realised this was unwise. As I don’t want to go past 30km/h (the legal limit is 20km/h in Norway) I’ve set the max speed to slightly below 30 for now...
  8. I didn’t realize it could do that. Nice!
  9. Hmm, I was worried it wouldn’t handle the steep hills around where I live, but that hasn’t been an issue at all. I’m also very pleased that it feels comfortable to ride on the route I wanted it for. I can keep up wih my wife’s electric scooter without problems, too, which is practical, as we will probably ride together once in a while. Not too fond of the app, though. I’d like to keep track of my rides, but they seem to be gone the moment I turn the wheel off. And I wish it came with some kind of stand and some protective padding to avoid scratches when learning. So no real complaints so far. But this is the only EUC I have ever ridden. I turned off speed clamping and set max speed to, eh, max from the beginning, so have only experienced the tiltback once. That was when pushing hard up a particularly steep and long hill. It caught me by surprise and lots of arm-waving ensued, but I managed a controlled stop. The suggestion in this thread to practice handling this sounds very sound. I will do that. I think I’ll reduce the max speed somewhat, as well. I have no intentions of going that fast, so a beep somewhere around 25-30km/h would be nice. Edit: I think the manual could have been improved, btw. Only yesterday I discovered that a quick press on the power button toggles the headlight. Is that even mentioned anywhere? Some more detailed info on what some of the settings actually do (comfort/classic, what will actually happen if I set a max speed and then hit that limit, etc.) I’d prefer to have some detailed explanations instead of just having to experiment on my own.
  10. I've had my V8F for 8 days now. I didn't realise there would be a learning curve on this, so ironically that probably helped me learn fast. I held on to a fence for a while end then just started riding slowly, even though doing so felt really scary. A lot of waving arms and difficulties starting/stopping, but it felt like my body had figured out the absolute basics after aprox. 30 min. But I don't feel I have mastered it yet, though. Going slow, sharp turns and starting/stopping still feels sketchy sometimes. And I can't ride as much/long as I want because the muscles in my legs and feet gets tired. My wheel have lots of scratches already. When a colleague saw it after I had been riding it a couple of days she asked me "Oh, you bought it used?".
  11. Ha! Yes, I hope it won’t be too soon, though. Currently, practicing the pendulum, backwards driving, learning how to do sharp turns, tricks, etc. appeals more to me than lots of padding and high speeds, but that might very well change. I have a fear of injuring others or even of being a mild nuisance in traffic (to the extent that it is irrational, tbh). I’m riding with a bell in my hand and slow down to walking speeds and keep my distance when closing in on pedestrians, dogs, children on bikes or similar. I never drive a car unless I absolutely have to out of fear that I might someday hit someone. I don’t think I have ever driven over the speed limit! So perhaps the need for speed will never come. Time will tell...
  12. Hello, everyone! I received my first EUC a week ago and just found this forum. So just wanted to say hi. :) Budget was not an issue when deciding which wheel to get, but I wanted one that I could comfortably carry when needed, but powerful enough for my daily commute (7km each way with some steep hills). I don't think going above max 20-25km/h would be responsible on that route. With those criterias in mind, the new InMotion V8F looked like a decent choice that was available from a norwegian retailer. Browsing this forum I get the sense that other wheels are usually recommended instead, but so far it is everything i hoped it would be and happy with my purchase. I have already found a lot of useful info here. Particularly about the limitations of UEC wheels, safe driving, etc. In particular, some face plant horror stories makes me very glad I found this place. I'd rather learn to drive safely from other people's mistakes than my own! Anyways, thanks everyone for all the interesting content and discussions. This looks like a nice corner of the internet and a place where I will enjoy hanging around. :)
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