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  1. Doesn't sound good at all, I have seen it too and I was like...what??? "Yikes" lol
  2. Club DJ,,, I played Old school 80's and 90's R&B Classic house and Soulfull house,,, I also played in a couple of after hours but didn't like it
  3. Been a DJ from 1996 to 2019 now retired
  4. Hey Wheelers, I create this post to talk about stands for our wheel, because I understand its not that easy to get one even though i know of one or two companies or individuals that makes them,,, and the problem i've notice is that they are not always available in every country. I'm from Montreal Canada and there is no shipment in my country from EUC Army to get one so I had to improvise. I found an ajustable bike stand that does the job and I will post a pic of it. Please feel free to throw in your idea of a stand.
  5. I started in my hallway for 10 min, then went to the park near the fence, after 10 min i was on my own,,, the only part that took me longer was to get on it without beeing shaky
  6. Well it depends on the riders background,,, I'm 54, started riding 5 weeks ago, already doing off road(fullprotective gear) I'm a former breakdancer from the 80's, Skydiver in the 90's , so for me it was like a second nature, i feel like im 25 on my wheel
  7. For sure am going to keep it, comes to worst my son will use it, and i agree about riding it for awhile before i make a decision
  8. About a month ago as I was shopping for a wheel, and I realized that some people had collections, i thought to myself, these lads are crazy, a wheel is a wheel. Now I own a V8F (Inmotion) been riding for 2 weeks, I love it but I've come to realize that i might need another one for different type of rides as im looking to ride off-road, and maybe one for fast rides, so finally im looking to own a minimum of 3. How about you?
  9. I live in Montreal Canada,and already bycicles have a love hate relatioship with the city, they still have a hard time to stop at a red light, so in my case i respect road signs to the pin, it takes only a few bad riders to give us a bad rep and we'll be targeted. This sport is new and it all depends on us the pioneers to play safe.
  10. Im sure there is a way to do it as im stuck with the same issue and on top of it i have an iphone so no EUC world for me,,,,, I decided to order a cheap smartwatch from Amazon, hopefully i'll receive it soon and i'll get back to you with some good news.
  11. I really agree, already cars hate bicycles and skaters, so its not in our best interest to act like dweeebs
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