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  1. I do find putting on protective gear annoying but once I took a fall at 40kph I realize how easy it is for things to go sideways unexpectedly. Thankfully I had just gotten a full face helmet the day before and had decided to try it out. There was a huge scrape right along the chin guard that I'm sure would have broken my jaw if I had not had on the new helmet. (I actually messed up my shoulder, had a HUGE bruise on my hip and scraped up my elbow pretty good. Thankfully nothing long lasting.) One thing to remember also is that when we take chances and get injured, it isn't just us who are
  2. I'm glad you mentioned this because I thought I was going crazy. I was riding my V11 around a pedestrian round-about that is paved with bricks and it slipped right out from under me. I have ridden that circle a hundred times before on my KS14 without an issue. I thought maybe I had done something wrong but could not figure out what it was. This makes a log more sense. I just avoid that circle now. Maybe I should go practice it to get a feel for when it is "tram lining".
  3. I haven't really used my EUC for destination travels, mostly just up and down paths so I never really paid much attention to distance. I'm pretty sure it would make things feel so much closer, similar to when I was running marathons. Years ago, when I was a couch potato, a mile felt like an incredible distance. At some point after my first few marathons though, it hardly felt worth it to go out for "only" a 5 mile run. Perception of distance really does change when you start going further.
  4. Do you have Apple or Android phone? Based on comments here, it seems that iPhones seem to have better luck when trying to do the upgrade. I have an Android and despite 2 months of trying I have never been able to get it to upgrade. Someday I may run across someone with an iPhone who may be willing download the app and try it for me but until then I seem to be stuck.
  5. I've tried a number of different types of shoes from hiking boots, motorcycle boots, standard Skechers, running shoes and just picked up a pair of standard Vans. I can't say that I can tell much of a difference between any of them. I feel like I can feel the movement of the wheel just as well in any of them. Also, no matter what I'm wearing, my feet start to hurt after about a mile or two and I need to stop and rest. I do feel like I am building up a tolerance to it though since it used to happen after only half a mile.
  6. I'm close to Mrelwood, a little over 100kg and I run 40psi. It feels good to me so I haven't really experimented a lot with different pressures.
  7. I started off going back and forth on my driveway holding on to my picket fence. I remember the first time I let go and rode about 10 feet. It was exhilarating. It took me about 3 days with 2 or 3 15 min sessions a day to make it to the end of the driveway without holding on. It has been mentioned that sleep after a learning session helps to cement muscle memory. Patience really does pay off. I didn't really feel comfortable riding until I had over 25 miles or more over a few weeks. I started riding on the sidewalks here and turning the 90 degree corners was always a fall at first. Lol. I even
  8. I got my V11 a couple of weeks ago after riding a KS14. The pedal height was pretty intimidating on the V11 at first. While I still can't really ride on one foot, I had been practicing quite a bit (yesterday was the first day I could actually lift one leg completely free for about 10 yards). I have found this has been very helpful in getting on the V11. I have been trying to get on smoothly for months (on my KS14) and it has been very difficult for me but I never really sat down and practiced it over and over again. I can get on OK now and have learned how to adjust my feet some once riding. I
  9. I wonder if we are all getting "Bicycle Face"! (As referred to in the article posted by AtlasP.)
  10. Like many on here, my friends and family seem to display a mix of feigned interest and tolerance. I just don't get it. The first time I saw one all I wanted to do was find out more about how I could ride one too. I just don't understand how come no one I know has shown any interest in getting one. A few have stood on my wheel, but no one has actually tried to learn or looked to getting one of their own. I guess it really does take a certain type of person to be drawn to this.
  11. I was just out riding again and noticed that on the berms, or any surface slanted slanted to the left or right, the V11 really wants to tilt that way. I think that might have been some of the difficulty in turning I was referring to above. Now that I am aware of what is causing it I can adjust but it really feels crazy moving from one side of the road to the other and having to adjust quickly right when I cross the middle of the road. I never felt that with my KS14. It might also be caused by the height of the pedals on the V11 or even the type of tire I guess.
  12. I've used mittens like this for camping and rock climbing in the late fall for years. They are awesome. I used to put one of those heating packets in the finger cover to keep my fingers warm when it was really cold out. It worked great. I'm going to have dig mine out for this winter. Good call.
  13. I learned on a KS14D and I just received my V11 a week ago and pumped the tire to 40lbs. I'm 220lbs (100kg). I had a hard time leaning and turning and figured it was just the nature of a larger wheel but it did feel like there was a gyroscopic effect that kept me from leaning side to side sometimes. I kept my KS wheel at 35lbs and got very used to that. I'm sure part of it is the differences in the wheels but your description sounded a lot like my experience. I will need to experiment more with tire pressure to find what I like. After about 10 miles I did get used to the V11 and feel like I ca
  14. I received my V11 yesterday. I did a visual inspection, made sure tires were inflated and tried it out. No issues at all. Feels so much more stable than my KS14D I will work on setting up my shocks and uploading the update today. Coming from riding a smaller KS14D, this definitely feels different when turning. Sometimes when I went to turn, it did not seem to move the way I wanted, almost making me fall. I suspect because the wheel is bigger, it creates some kind of inertia when I tilt it to turn like I did on the 14D. I just have to get used to how it handles.
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