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  1. I got an alert that there is a new Kingsong app version 3.5.9. Has anyone tried it yet? Any reason to upgrade or any caveats?
  2. @ DjPanJan If I appeared insensitive with my post on the word "Murdered" I apologize. It didn't occur to me until later that it was probably a translation thing. Did you know the person at all?
  3. Does it apply to the newer model EUC's? It specifically states "when powered solely by such a propulsion system, of less than twenty miles per hour." Most all of the EUC's now are not limited to 20 mph. Of course this looks like it was from 2015 so maybe it has been updated since then?
  4. Thanks. I think it depends on how you approach it too. If you want to be a couch potato (I almost was) and complain about everything, then you may be pretty miserable after 40. But by your 40's, any kids you have are usually more independent, you have more disposable income (assuming you aren't up to your neck in debt) and you have some things in life sort of figured out. Try new things and you may find something that makes your life so much more fulfilling regardless of what age.
  5. This is so tragic. I'm not fully sure of the situation but the term "murdered" may be a little harsh. From the video it looked like a bad situation that was probably not intentional. It's a reminder that we really need to be aware of our surroundings including the ability of other motorists to see us.
  6. This is great information. I doubt I will ever be able to do long rides because my plantar fascitis keeps flaring up every time I try to go very long. Even so, I would love to be able to work up to 100 miles some day. This is all good information to know.
  7. Dgar

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Just got a notification from ewheels. It appears my V11 will be in batch 3, expected to arrive in the middle of October. This is going to be a long month! I hope the weather cooperates and I can get some nice riding days in before it gets too cold and icy. Hopefully batch 3 will have good quality control and will have fixed most known issues.
  8. I'm turning 60 in a couple of months and I can tell you, there certain IS life after 40. 40 is when my life basically started...running marathons, rock climbing, camping and hiking. Of course 59 is when my EUC chapter started.
  9. I'm responsible for all of IT at a Hospital. All PC's, Servers, Infrastructure, etc. My very talented team does most of the actual technical work though. I did it for years through several consulting companies before landing here and now manage them all.
  10. That is pretty impressive. I have watched many videos about riding one legged but it still seems a little beyond my grasp. I can finally mount the wheel without holding on to something but it's a quick jump so my foot placement isn't great. Every time I ride I take time to work on trying to lift up one foot while riding. I've gotten to where I can lift my heel on one foot but any more than that feels like a disaster waiting to happen. Sometimes I wonder if my ankle or knee just isn't strong enough yet. LIke Zopper mentions above, it's 99% sweat. I'll continue working on it. In the meantime @pico, I'll keep my eyes open for your video!
  11. My first (and only euc so far) is the 14D. I'll be turning 60 in a couple of months and I outgrew it within a couple of months of getting it. I got it to learn on until the V11 came out (hopefully I'll get mine this month some time). I'm not as familiar with the V8F but the 14D does seem to be pretty under-powered. It's fun and nimble but a 16" wheel would probably be better for you in the long run.
  12. I'm not sure it was a cut out. I assume a cut out means there is no stabilization and the gyro no longer keeps it steady. It seemed like a gradual, controlled tilt back over 3 or 4 seconds and I still had some control, it was just slowly tilting back faster than I realized what was happening and was too late to start braking. After about 24 hours, I'm shocked there is no bruising, but there are scratches up and down my left side. My hip and shoulder are fairly sore but didn't get worse throughout the evening. In January I slipped on ice and hurt my rotator cuff. At the time it happened I felt fine. About 7 hours later it was very sore and after 10 hours I couldn't even move my arm. Turned there was no permanent damage and was just a strained rotator cuff. After 6 months of xrays and physical therapy, I was close to being back to normal. I was sure I re injured it and would experience the same level of pain but I really lucked out. Thankfully I have a little time to heal before my V11 comes in. Are we crazy or what?
  13. I had my first higher speed fall today. Still not completely sure what happened. I was going down a hill I had ridden just a few weeks ago. I was on asphalt and kept picking up speed and my pedals kept tilting back until I had no more room to break. I probably should have tried breaking earlier to keep my speed down. I was only half way down the hill and knew I would keep speeding up and I didn't want to fall on the asphalt so I headed to the side of the road and bailed. My knee pads and wrist guards worked great. My new Bell DH helmet did it's job great. I don't think I hit my head very hard but I know it would have left a lump or some bad scrapes if I wasn't using my full face helmet. I wasn't wearing elbow guards so I got one elbow scraped up. My hip and my shoulder is a little sore so I expect by tomorrow they will be quite painful. Nothing broken. I was riding a KS14D which is only rated for up to 18mph. When I checked EUC World app afterwards, it said my top speed had been 25mph. It's good to have a painful wipeout without anything seriously broken. It certainly helps you not to get too confident and helps you maintain a health respect for what can happen.
  14. I started with a KS14D as a starter wheel and feel like I outgrew it within a month. It just doesn't have much range or power at all and it concerns me going over curb or bigger bumps with the 14" wheel. I am a little heavier than what it is rated for so that is part of my concern. It was a great wheel to learn on though and was relatively inexpensive compared to others. I haven't had the opportunity to try any other wheel yet so unfortunately I can't compare until my V11 comes in.
  15. I am a pretty new rider. I got a KS 14D to learn on and have ordered a V11. I only have about 150 miles under my belt so far and feel comfortable with most normal scenarios. I have been trying to learn to ride on one leg but I don't seem to be able to get enough leverage pressing the inside of my calf against the top of the wheel. I was wondering...for those of you who had smaller wheels and have graduated to larger wheels, is it easier with a larger wheel? It would seem you could get more leverage because the top of the wheel would press higher up on your leg and maybe more weight to the wheel helps. As it is now, it feels like I need to bend my knee down pretty low to get the leverage I need against the top of the wheel. Maybe I just need to keep practicing.
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