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  1. Went for a ride along the river Thames just outside London, England yesterday. Here's some footage
  2. I met with Matt Rodda a couple of weeks ago, and he was actually really excited and interested by the EUCs. I've created a video to send to him (there wasn't enough time to demonstrate to him), I thought I would share it here as well
  3. @vladmarks did you ever end up updating the infographic? I'm meeting with the Shadow Minister for Local Transport tomorrow and wanted to be able to give him a copy of the infographic. I'm not sure I want to do that if the information on it isn't accurate. If you have a more recent, updated version of it, would you be able to share it?
  4. I also had a reply from my local MP. It was a much more promising response though! I'm going to go and meet him to talk about it. - Dear Ben,Thank you for your recent letter on the potential legalisation of electric unicycles on footpaths, cycle lanes, and shared spaces.I was interested to receive your letter. This is not only because you are one of my constituents, but also because I am the Shadow Minister for Local Transport - so, if all goes well (!), I may well be in a position in future to implement legislation of this kind in Government.I will be happy to hear more from you, an
  5. Filled out the survey, interested in seeing the results
  6. Thanks for all of the great feedback, I've gone through everything here and everything in the Facebook groups that I posted it in and have a final letter that I plan on sending a little later today. I've also taken the letter @Jonathan Tolhurst templated to send to a local MP, made a couple of modifications and saved it in the same folder. As per your suggestion, I'm going to try and keep track of where I send it to and what sort of responses I get in the same folder on Google Drive. Both of the letters are saved in here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RKG1Of0t_zsdfEu4sMwoE45uzQqL
  7. I have drafted a letter to the Mayor of London and created a thread to try and get some feedback on it. Would love some feedback/suggestions:
  8. Regarding concerns on legislation in the UK (specifically around London), I've created a draft of a letter that I want to send to the Mayor of London. I plan on adopting it and sending it to local MPs as well; ultimately, I'd like to have a template that people can download and send to their local MPs. The more noise we make, the more chance in something positive happening. Any and all feedback welcomed, even grammatical errors. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1POPRyc21TW5E_ubWgRPznnOvNQmDN3Ku6Zennv-zarM
  9. I'm going to spend some time drafting a petition and a letter to the Major of London. Once I have something worth looking at, I'll aim to circulate it for feedback before sending.
  10. I think the way to move forwards would be to write to local MPs and raise a petition on change.org. I've seen petitions in the past, and, had I been aware of them, I would have signed them. Perhaps the smart way to approach the petition would be to raise awareness of a date the petition will start and then circulate that date. There might be enough numbers if people have enough heads up that they can get involved, but that might take time and the petition may have expired. There's certainly been an uprising in numbers the last couple of years of riders in the UK, so perhaps it's time to s
  11. The petition was rejected because there is a duplicate: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/110236 If you signed the original petition, please make sure you go and sign this one. @Eryk88 Are you able to update the original post in the interest of discoverability to the new petition?
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