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  1. 1st trial => I need to balance the rollers more. 1st Trial Video
  2. Finally got the last of the pre-drilling and countersinking done .. the 4 main roller brackets. The bottom under sides counter sinking means that the entire base lays flat on the ground. Basic assembly is now complete. Although , it would probably work as is .. I'm just not happy with the slight imbalance , from my hand drilling , and hand (straight by eye) assembly .. I think I want to try and balance both wheels a bit more as my next step. I am just a novice , just fumbling / tinkering through .. a skilled carpenter would have no doubt had this all start to finish done in
  3. Many Battery Charge cycles later slow progress continues .. 20/20 hind sight , I think a wood as dense and hard as IPE is overkill for this .. I think other easier to work with woods would be adequate for the compressive and shear strength needed .. especially for cheapie old cordless drills like mine. I've Pre-Drilled , counter sunk , and screwed in all the pyramid like build ups .. 2 screws on each to lock in and prevent any possible rotation. I've Pre-Drilled and counter suck 2 holes each side of the cross / support front / back pieces .. I I'm using bolts and nuts (wing nuts for
  4. I lowered the height a little .. 1.5" (two 3/4" blocks) .. Still has about ~1/2" bottom clearance. Soo, a total of 4blocks x ~3/4" = ~3" raising the side roller brackets up will provide clearance up from ground for a ~8" OD roller. I settled on screwing it together .. might take another day or two. 3 bit tip for anyone else: If you ever decide to work with a wood as hard and dense as IPE .. even if they are free drops given to you for a EUC treadmill. 1> Nails do not work very well .. steel is too soft and the nails bend constantly .. you have to pre-drill eve
  5. I'm using scrap/waste plywood/wood from the carpentry company where I work on this project .. Other people might have to pay for some of these bits (raising the project cost some for them) , but there are plenty of common fairly low cost suitable materials .. and it doesn't have to be these specific materials , other materials might be better in one way or another .. I'm using what's free to me, that I think will work. I cut out some scrap wood pieces for the wood base .. with ~8" OD rollers , I needed more than 4" of base height to clear the roller to floor .. 6pc 3/4" thick each
  6. A firmer seat on the inner roller could be achieved if I cut each disk in half .. and used tite joints to snug down each one on the ID. but .. Being a little lazy , I thought I would just try to glue them as is. I lightly sanded/scuffed (then cleaned) the smooth roller surface .. for better glue adhesion. To minimize the loss of ID epoxy while sliding disc onto roller .. 1st disc to center , then each disc after slide onto each side. Apply ~2oz JB cold weld epoxy to ID .. $5.68 Apply ~7oz TB-III wood glue between each disc .. $4.18 Clamp together .. le
  7. The rollers are about ~1-15/16" OD. I used a 1-7/8" hole saw bit to drill the center ID out .. using the same center pilot hole I used for cutting their ~8" OD. A little light sanding , and they pass the hand snug dry fit test.
  8. My 2 rollers came in .. $33.36 so far spent. I got some scrap (drops/trash) 18mm plywood from work. just big enough to cut down to 8" x 8" squares. Then I cut those into 8" diameter circles. I used my table saw .. There are lots of other (better) ways to cut out circles , but it was easy and done .. Gave me 2 stacks that are ~5" thick each (more width than I'll probably ever need for any EUC tire). That leaves me about ~1" clearance on each side of the ~7" roller. The building facilities manager at work (a friend of mine) made me a set of brackets for the rollers out of some of his m
  9. Agreed .. such an EUC treadmill does not allow for wind resistance portion of energy consumption to be individually adjusted .. it's just a controlled load. Riding outside is very far from controlled conditions .. The only way I can think of for controlled wind resistance testing .. all require a much more expensive wind tunnel. Fortunately other people have already paid for that kind of wind resistance CdA information. Depending on rider size (some are bigger than others) and body posture of course. See attached CdA from professional wind tunnel testing.
  10. Real world anecdotal riding examples include too many uncontrolled variables .. changes in ride weight , changes in tire PSI , changes in speed , changes in terrain , changes in operating weather (temp , wind , etc) , changes in elevation , changes in SoC , etc .. etc .. the same device can get significantly different results reported. Local gym type human walking treadmills max out 15-20MPH .. and still need to do the side to side balancing. I'm considering making a small EUC specific treadmill to measure in a more controlled way the usable range vs various conditions , for an EUC
  11. Cabon-Dyneema is also a good composite combination .. like Carbon-Kevlar .. both of those help to address one of the failings of 100% Carbon Fiber fabric in a layup .. impact strength .. that impact strength can be improved with threads of Kevlar or Dyneema included into the carbon fabric weave .. and both are also compatible with most of the common types of epoxies used in carbon fiber layups.
  12. I foresee the extensive use of Carbon Fiber like composite materials to reduce V11 weight probably can be boiled down to paths / directions: Option #1> Get the same from a lighter device. Just about every use of more exotic materials like carbon fiber composites is to just reduce device weight of a given strength / durability / etc. High end ultra light camping gear , high end bicycles , high end race cars , etc. Along those lines a V11 that is otherwise the same as OEM in performance but only a total of ~45Lbs could be desirable to some people. Option
  13. Just a thread / home for the idea / concept. - - - - - - - My back of napkin guesstimate seems to tell me extensive use of carbon fiber like is done on high end bicycles , motorcycle , cars , etc .. might be able to drop the V11 down to around ~45Lbs .. aka ~14.5Lbs lighter. Like other carbon fiber product , I would expect such a CF EUC to vastly increase the cost .. and .. Like those other CF products , I suspect only a tiny % of the over all EUC market would ever be willing to pay such high costs for such comparatively small gains. One of the main reasons CF products cost
  14. What are people's thought's .. and/or .. experiences with electroluminescent paints and vinyl ? Distributed powered light .. user/creator can create various colors and designs. A kind of middle ground between LEDs and reflectives .. newer tech and not yet exploiting economies of scale (soo more expensive). Some examples : https://www.youtube.com/user/DarksideScientific/videos
  15. Provide a valuable service .. that benefits OEM , Sellers , Customers , etc .. should be rewarded / compensated / etc for that valuable content .. Absolutely! but Paid advertising is not usually known for being 'honest' .. and if .. like using white glue instead of milk (because it photos/videos better) .. that would destroy ~99% of the value of that conent. Soo .. that creates a dichotomy
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