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  1. Hi from Guelph! Subscribed on YT! Best of luck... and have FUN!!
  2. (1) Guy sticks his head out the window and yells "TRON MUTHERFUCKER!" (2) Local Police car passing me slows down, officer waves and gives me a big THUMBS UP!
  3. Hi @Seba! For some reason, ever since I updated the EUC World app, it no longer connects to Wheel Log on my Pebble Watch. I've also noticed that the icon to connect to a smartwatch is now missing on the main screen. Do you have a solution to this? UPDATE: I factory reset the Pebble and reinstalled the apps and everything seems to be OK now.
  4. I can second what @Rich Sam has said. Upon his recommendation, I ordered the same via his link. Only took 19 days to receive in Canada (US shipping option) and yes, they are very well made and fantastic quality! As far as I can tell, they are identical to Leatt's, but at between 1/3 to 1/2 the price!! Thanks for the excellent find, Rich!!
  5. Couldn't have said it better myself! Dreygun is right on the money!
  6. Hi Desia! It was awesome meeting you last month near University Village Park, ya snow riding champ! A riding buddy in Guelph!! Anyway, I bought my 16X at Smartwheel and, like the others, except for the covid related delays, my experience with Smartwheel Canada has been positive. Communications were very impressive and quick. I also bought locally in case of warranty issues and to avoid the horror stories of import fees and lost wheels. Like those above, I'm lacking experience with warranty and repairs, as I have not needed them. Just my opinion, if you're going with a Gotway/Beg
  7. Has Kingsong said anything about this red light thing? Whenever my wheel is on, the internal red light is on. Odd.
  8. HOLY COW!!! That was quite an adventure! It was like a movie! Glad you two are OK!
  9. First try at riding with a GoPro that I borrowed. First try at using video editing too.
  10. Guelph here! I'm with @Dreygun on the FB thing. Any GTA+area group ride announcement, updates, etc via anything but FB would definitely be nice!
  11. OK. I've managed to successfully get the alarms I wanted working in the "Alarm Settings" section (Low, Medium, High Priority), so thank you! However, I am curious what the Speed Alerts in "Wheel Settings" - "Speed Alerts & Tiltback Speed" section do. The 4th Speed Alert seems to trigger the "Please Decelerate" voice alert, but I get nothing from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, no matter what I set them at. So, I guess I'm confused about the difference between "Alarms" and "Alerts".
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