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  1. Has Kingsong said anything about this red light thing? Whenever my wheel is on, the internal red light is on. Odd.
  2. HOLY COW!!! That was quite an adventure! It was like a movie! Glad you two are OK!
  3. First try at riding with a GoPro that I borrowed. First try at using video editing too.
  4. Guelph here! I'm with @Dreygun on the FB thing. Any GTA+area group ride announcement, updates, etc via anything but FB would definitely be nice!
  5. OK. I've managed to successfully get the alarms I wanted working in the "Alarm Settings" section (Low, Medium, High Priority), so thank you! However, I am curious what the Speed Alerts in "Wheel Settings" - "Speed Alerts & Tiltback Speed" section do. The 4th Speed Alert seems to trigger the "Please Decelerate" voice alert, but I get nothing from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, no matter what I set them at. So, I guess I'm confused about the difference between "Alarms" and "Alerts".
  6. Hi Seba! Absolutely LOVE the app! On the speed alarm settings, my 4th alarm gives a "Please decelerate" audible message, however I get nothing from my 1st, 2nd, or third alarms. Am I doing something wrong or missing a setting? Wheel: Kingsong KS-16X; Phone: LG5
  7. I will DEFINITELY second this!! But coming in like a storm is the new EUC podcast by ThaBlackCobra!! https://www.youtube.com/user/ThaBlackCobra
  8. It looks like we both ordered wheels from them at around the same time with a similar ETA, and they are expecting 2-3 weeks delay, but it looks like you're in a different situation.
  9. Have you received your V11 yet from SmartWheel? If not, you might want to contact them ASAP.
  10. The STAR WARS one is my favourite so far! Absolutely FANTASTIC job! So much FUN!!!
  11. I definitely remember this! THIS is what sparked my EUC addiction!
  12. Guelph, Ontario, Canada checking in! KingSong KS-16X (just ordered, coming soon!)
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