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  1. Hi there. I have the same thing on my V8F. I asked InMotion Canada (where I bought it from), and they said it must have popped out during a crash. I did crash it on pavement at low speed (I fell off and the wheel tipped over). But I didn't notice the rubber at that time. It wasn't until the next time I used the wheel (a few days later) that I noticed this. They said as long as it's not exposed to water, it's fine. My wheel is still under warranty, but I don't think I would want to send it in to get fixed even if they would allow it.
  2. Thanks for the tip about comfort and classic mode. I remember seeing that in the app but didn't know what the difference was. Looks like the latest app update has changed them to "commuting" and "off-roading". Evidently, I've been learning to ride in "off-roading" mode. Maybe "commuting" will be easier.
  3. Hello. Newbie here. I just bought a V8F. When the unit is on, it makes a high-pitched electronic noise (like a combination of static and radio interference) that's just loud enough to be a bit annoying. The sound cuts out if I press the kill-engine button under the handle. Inmotion tells me it's a normal sound. Is that your experience as well? I was always under the impression that the wheel is silent when not in motion (no pun intended), like an electric car or e-scooter. Is this the same for other EUC brands? That said, I was indoors. Maybe it'll be less noticeable outside. Thanks!
  4. Has anyone dealt with inmotioncanada.com? Their prices are about $100 cheaper than all other Canadian distributors, including SmartWheel, but I can’t verify if they’re real. I looked up their address on Google Maps and it looks like a house with no signage. Their Google reviews seem suspect.
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