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  1. Bvoland


    Nice job! Looks like a great day with the wife.
  2. You did awesome. I like how you put the Relive ride with the pics in there. Great day!
  3. I just watched it. Nice, I followed you so you should be able to watch mine.
  4. Ah that stinks I wish you could have made the ride back with me. The brewery was open we could of had a pint together don't worry I had one for you. It was an awesome time enjoy meeting you and Jerome and we definitely will have to do it again. I found you business card on my window when I got back to the car so I sent you and email to the address on the card with the video I made from they GoPro. I also followed you on Relive so you can watch that video and show your son. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
  5. Yeah, it was 47.8 mi the brewery was open on my way back so we must have been to early. It was an awesome time enjoy both of your company and I will definitely be doing again. I created a GoPro Video and also uploaded to Relive if you follow me you will be able to see all the rides. I am going to try and upload to you on your forum page if not if you give me and email address I will send them to you. Igor actually beat me back to the parking lot I did decide to have a pint at the brewery but it was hot. Great day and hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!
  6. Okay, we will be EUC garbed up you will not miss us. Looking forward to meeting you. One of my buddies has ridden with you in the past goes by HarpMudd on the forum but I know him as Mike.
  7. I will meet you in the new visitor center parking lot on the right. See you at 9:30.
  8. That is awesome! Exactly what I wanted was a great cruising wheel. I have the Nikola Plus if I choose to go off road riding but it will probably be nothing like over heat hill. When this pandemic ends would love to come out you way and do a group ride or participate in EUC games. Keep up the great work.
  9. In these unprecedented times it is especially impressive that a group of engineers leave Gotway to go out and start a new business. It appears that on their first wheel they have done an incredible job of making a solid all around wheel based on feedback from people that I respect in the EUC community. Some of them said it is the best wheel they have ever ridden. I came to this Veteran thread to decide whether to buy the wheel or the New Monster Pro and after watching Marty's review as well as all the others I think I am comfortable. I am sure that Marty is still comfortable with is decision to put a deposit on the Veteran.
  10. I have been watching this thread going all over the place and I have been hoping that someone would bring up these exact points. I am happy that Veteran has pushed the envelope and I am sure they will continue to make improvements and this will help push the other companies forward. It would be unfortunate especially in the current environment if they all went out of business and we are looking for a new hobby.
  11. I just received response from Jerome he is going to join us at the Norristown Transportation Center or Falls Bridge. I will look up the distance and let him know when to expect us. I sent text to Mike aka HarpMudd to see if he will be able to make it will let you know.
  12. That sounds great we will plan to leave from Valley Forge around 9:30. I will check the distance and timing to get to the Falls Bridge and let you know when to expect us. Looking forward to meeting you and enjoying the ride. The weather is suppose to be nice but a little warm.
  13. Thanks for the information I will have to get out your way and ride the McDade Trail or the Water Gap National Park. I am looking forward to the ride hopefully have a nice group.
  14. Great! Thanks I also sent directly to three people that I saw ride the trail. I also sent to my buddy HarpMudd with the 16X.
  15. I am trying to get a group ride together for this weekend 7/18 if the weather is nice. I was planning to start from Valley Forge visitor center at 9:30am and ride into Philly on the Schuylkill River Trail. If others are along the trail we can meet you at various points along the way. Let me know if anyone is interested. I will definitely be making the ride and would enjoy having a group of EUC riders join. Hope to see you on Saturday.
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