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  1. Today I received my Kingsong 14D (my first EUC, yay!) and quickly ran into some issues: 1) Every time I try to move the wheel, it beeps. I checked the app (I have it linked to EUC World) and the speed limit is set to 8mph. The problem is, my top speed today was something like 0.7mph. The beeping is insanely annoying and would happen when I moved the wheel even a tiny bit forward or backward, and wouldn't stop unless the wheel was totally stationary or turned off. 2) The trolley handle isn't extending. Rather, it feels a bit like it's locked into place and I don't want to try and force it. While this isn't a huge deal as I bought this secondhand, lifting this thing is a huge pain, and my experience carrying this around for a few minutes pretty much cemented my decision to never get a wheel without a trolley if I upgrade. 3) Also, if anyone knows how to turn off those tacky lights, please let me know. I know this is kinda nitpicking, but I can't stand those bright colorful flashing LEDs against what's otherwise a sleek black wheel.
  2. I'm interested in the 14D. Do you have an estimate on shipping to NYC?
  3. As the title says, I'm in the market for a used Gotway Mten3. I don't care much about cosmetic damage- if it still works, it's good enough. My budget is kinda limited so I'm looking for the versions with smaller batteries. I'm located in NYC, but would actually (vastly) prefer shipping over local pickup if it's possible.
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