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  1. Thanks @Seba! Well, we have one summer holiday week left. We are probably going to have it in August and ride Hämeen härkätie (map). For next summer we are planning to ride through Finland: from southest point Hanko to northest point Nuorgam. But we’ll see.
  2. Day 23, July 20: Home sweet home After three weeks of road tripping it was time to return home. We rode through beautiful Pispala area before heading to the train station. The train left at 11 AM and we packed our wheels in a luggage locker. They fit! One and a half hours later we were in Pasila. We took one more scenic route / detour on our way home to pet the cats. So, that's it. It feels weird to be back home after a long journey. But I'm so happy to be reunited with the cats again. Right now, after all those hours and kilometers standing on the wheel, I just want to go biking. Kilometers ridden today: 23 Kilometers ridden in total: 1100 Hours ridden today: 1,5 Hours ridden in total: 61,5
  3. Days 21-22, July 18-19: Tampere Because of the timetables (ferry from Hailuoto to mainland and train from Oulu to Tampere) we decided to take a bus from Hailuoto to Oulu. It gave us more time (and less stress) in the morning to wake up and pack. The train left before noon and it took a bit over 4 hours to get to Tampere. I had plans to write tour blog in train, but no. We had lunch and some beers, listened to podcasts (if you're Finnish and like Antti Holma, this is for you ) and before long we were in Tampere. And guess what, it was hot! First hot day since day 1 in Naantali. It felt weird to ride in a T-shirt. We spent two days at @UniVehje's parents. On Saturday evening we went sightseeing in Lielahti area. It was a nice 22 km and 2,5 hour ride. On Sunday we rode a nice scenic route round lake Pyhäjärvi. The route is 30 km long, but we ended up riding 45 km. It was a beautiful route on a beautiful, hot summer day. I highly recommend. Official scenic route: Our ride: We only took pictures from Pispalan uittotunneli and it doesn't even include in the route. We just wanted to enjoy the ride and the beautiful day. Kilometers ridden in Tampere: 75 Kilometers ridden in total: 1077 Hours ridden in Tampere: 7,5 Hours ridden in total: 60
  4. Days 18-20, July 15-17: Hailuoto Days in Hailuoto were mostly about relaxing and enjoying the nice weather. And of course admiring the views. On Wednesday we went hiking, but there were too many mosquitoes and other annoying bugs, so it was quite a short one. No riding on Wednesday. On Thursday we visited Kniivilä Local Heritage Museum and went beer tasting in Hailuodon Panimo. We rode 20 km. On Friday we did absolutely nothing. Hailuoto was absolutely awesome place. I hope I can visit there someday again. Kilometers ridden in Hailuoto: 20 Kilometers ridden in total: 1002 Hours ridden in Hailuoto: 1 Hours ridden in total: 52,5
  5. Well, I would try to leave earlier in the morning. As @UniVehje said, the ride usually took longer than we expected and we were often very tired when we got to our next cabin/airbnb/hotel. It’s not always easy to leave earlier, but if you do, you have more time and energy when you’re in your destination. As I said in the earlier post, I spent hours and hours planning the packing. There are a few small things I would’nt pack in future, but otherwise everything was used and needed. But I’m going to organize the stuff even better to make packing faster.
  6. Thanks! I charged my V10F usually about halfway when we had a lunch. Our average daily mileage was about 70 km, so one charge (with fast charger) was enough. Some days I charged it twice if we had to ride 90-100 km and/or the weather was very windy.
  7. Thanks! For some reason some drivers seem to hate (male) road cyclists. I really don’t understand it. We’ve had zero problems with drivers. Except that one time a driver didn’t see @UniVehje and drove too close. I think that was because his clothing and backpack are so dark and the road was next to a forest on a cloudy day. The driver drove past me very safely, but my clothes and gear are colourful. @UniVehje was riding ahead of me and I guess the driver wasn’t expecting him. Otherwise we’ve been safe.
  8. We would have reached 1000 km already without the wheel malfunction in Pietarsaari. Pietarsaari — Kokkola is about 35 km. We did several training trips before this journey. It’s very important to test yourself and the gear before starting a roadtrip like this. In May we rode from Helsinki to Hyvinkää and took a train back home. I only had a small backpack but my back was killing me after that. Two weeks later we had a mini holiday in Inkoo. I was pretty much dead after 70 km ride. Slowly but steady it got better. The next two trips were much easier. Thanks!
  9. Day 17, July 14: Kempele — Hailuoto So, today’s the day: we will arrive at our destination! We left the hotel at 10 AM. Migraine attacked me once again, so it was pretty awful to ride. Luckily the painkiller kicked in soon. We had 20 kms to ride to the ferry. The weather forecast said it would rain soon, so we put on our rain gear. But this time the forecast was wrong and we had only sunshine! We arrived at the ferry at 10.50 and the ferry would leave at 11. There were already four cyclists and a long queue of cars waiting to get in. The ferry ride took 25 mins. We took our rain gear off and enjoyed the scenery. A couple of cyclists and drivers asked us about the wheels and our journey. As always, they were amazed about the wheels and the distance we were riding. It’s nice that people are very positive about wheels. Soon we were in Hailuoto. We still had 30 kms to ride to the other side of the island, Marjaniemi. It felt that it lasted for hours. I guess it was because we had waited for this for a long time and we just wanted to get to our destination. The weather and scenery were beautiful, though. We stopped at Sale Hailuoto to buy some snacks and groceries and to recharge my wheel. We had about 10 kms to ride and we had three bags full of groceries. It was pretty hard to ride with them. Not because of the weight, but the wind! And then we were there. We have a nice cabin next to the sea. We can almost see all the way to Sweden from the windows and terrace. Such a beautiful place! We left our stuff in the cabin and went to sightsee a little bit. And of course we had prosecco to celebrate. (By the way, those are the shoes @UniVehje bought in Kokkola.) We’ll spend 4 days here before taking a train back home. We’re going to do some hiking, sightseeing and beer tasting, at least. I hope the weather forecast is right: it says we’re gonna have warm, sunny days. Kilometers ridden today: 50 Kilometers ridden in total: 982 Hours ridden today: 2 Hours ridden in total: 51,5
  10. Yeah, that kind would also work. 👍🏻 And thanks. ❤️
  11. I forgot to mention this earlier. We have spent most of the nights in small cabins at camping sites. They tend to have very few power outlets. Usually there are three: one for fridge, one for radiator (you really need it in chilly nights) and one for your devices. That’s not enough for two wheels, two phones, an iPad and a smart watch. One or two of these would help a lot:
  12. Paracord was in my packing list before packing, but I forgot to buy some.
  13. @Seba you’re genius! That drying system is brilliant We have used hair driers to dry our clothes, but not like that. @UniVehje packed some duct tape, I have self adhesive velcro and safety pins in that orange stuff sack (17 in the packing list pic). We haven’t needed them (yet) but I think they are essential items to pack.
  14. Q & A part II Yes! @UniVehje’s The Electric Unicycle Channel. Maybe someday we’ll get the videos published. Here’s my stuff and packing list: Everything packed in stuff sacks minus the protective gear and clothes I’m wearing (27, 29, 31, 32): All packed up in a small crossbody bag (wallet & phone) and a 40 liter backpack: If I were on this tour alone, I would also pack a multipurpose tool (or whatever they are called) and a pump. @UniVehje has those and he can tell you more about them. Feel free to ask more questions. I hope these posts inspire and help you guys in your own adventures.
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