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  1. A little bit off topic, but do any of you know if the plastic on MSX can handle hot glue from a glue gun. I am planning on mounting somthing, but I don't want to damage the body.
  2. Wow that small removable pad is really smart so you could have some foot grip when jumping and move it to the side so you could close the pedals, very smart!
  3. Jag vet inte om ni känner till om den incidenten då en ung flicka blev påkörd av en vattenskoter och fick allvarliga skador, samt att en man i 35års åldern någon vecka innan kraschade med en vattenskoter och dog. Verkar som de vill höja åldersgränsen och inför körkort för vattenskotrar i Sverige nu. Det är viktigt att vi inom EUC-Sverige inte åstadkommer sådana händelser för att undvika att EUCs blir förbjudna i Sverige. Vattenskoter körkort
  4. Looks good, is the velcro enough for a good grip? You have a picture of the placement with your foot, that would be interesting to see I recieved mine 2 days ago, but they were bent so I am using weights to straighten them out at the moment, will soon also apply mine.
  5. Yupp, that looks also nice and should be enough to hold it firmly. When will you get the dual lock tape? I have still not recieved my pads, I ordered them from aliexpress Poland, but they sent them from China, so I think I will have to wait a couple more days...
  6. That is an interesting idea can you please try it out and show us some pics after. Eventhough we already bought the pads that could be good to use for other parts like ankle pads or around the feet.
  7. Wow that is awesome did you draw that up? I guess if you put that much velcro it would not fall off even if the wheel would tumble down a hill, but I wouldn't put that much velcro as for just regular cruising I don't think that much would be needed. But with many spots you do have the freedom to move it around and still have good grip, I think it is well thought out!
  8. I have seen those and they also look interesting, but I already ordered mine and also I couldn't find these in any EU warehouse at aliexpress.
  9. Yes I will probably buy some velcro tape so you can change the position on them and also if you want to switch weel and still keep them.
  10. Nice! Thanks for the review, I have not yet recieved mine, I think they will arrive in the beginning of next week. I guess you will have to find a good placement for the pads that fits you since we are vary in leg thickness length and riding position. I'm just curious if putting them lower is better for the foot grip or put it higher and have a extra pad at the ankles.
  11. sCar


    Anybody who knows what this is?
  12. Good to hear that, since it is dense it is probably more durable than the Russian power pads, just hoping that the comfort is enough
  13. Okej so you kept the stock side pads and added them under them, from what I have seen most people just remove the stock ones and replace them with the power pads at the same position. I guess if you want to jump or have something that could get your feet not to scramble around it would be better to have it lower. I will have to do some trial and error there
  14. Good to hear that the quality is decent, I guess we will have to readjust it to right height for us. Not being able to close the footplates might be an issue, will have to see how that can be adjusted. But thanks for the input, it seems like I won't regret the buy at least
  15. I ordered them today, so if nobody answers I will let you know how they are in about a week or two
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