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  1. Turns out my state requires liability insurance for EUC, even if it goes under 25 MPH, even if not operated in the road. (EUCs are pretty new and the law hasn't yet caught up.) Does anyone know companies here in the states that sell it? Most of them have probably never even heard of this.
  2. I have heard the Gotways have kind of flimsy shells that break easily compared to others. I am hoping someone can talk me into a Gotway b/c those go fastest (from what I understand) but I keep hearing other things bad about them. Comments?
  3. No matter what wheel you buy, it will merely be the first of many, as the disease has no cure. Oh, crap, I never thought of that, but should have. As a rider of conventional unicycles, I am already infected with one such disease. I'm not sure I can afford to infect myself with another. What to do, what to do...
  4. I was looking at the monster, but the technology on that is so bleeding-edge that they sometimes break or burst into flames the first time they're out of the box b/c the bugs havent yet been worked out. What about the V1Os and the MSX pros?
  5. I am a traditional unicyclist who's looking to get a e-uni for transport. I have two or three thousand to spend. Looking for something fast and reliable. Suggestions?
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