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  1. Gotway tesla is almost in that segment. Its 19kg i think, but has a much more powerful motor and bigger battery. For me this is not for speeding but i feel safer on it compared to v8f. I can cruise 25 to 30 kmh on both, but on tesla i am nowhere near the machines limits, against wind or uphill its completely effortless, never worried about overaccelerating etc.
  2. Wow thanks for sharing this in such detail and glad you are ok. So lesson learnt is that when wheel does something unusual like pulling left or right, just immediately slow down and check it correct? And of course wear your gear, which i have to admid i often don't do: Quite often i am too lazy to wear knee and elbow protection, especially for short rides but i think i will do more often from now. Thanks again
  3. I was planning to go really far on my V8.. but I only managed 600km then i got a Tesla
  4. I got the Tesla V2, and it never beeps unless battery is like less than 20% or so, then it beeps when pushed hard. I also had MCM5 for a few weeks and didnt beep. Must be a setting.
  5. Hi, i know its an old post, but i wonder if you ended up keeping your v8. I’m in the exact same position as you were and my v8 getting almost no usage now since the tesla. Are you still riding it? And have you moved on since then from the tesla to something even better? Or you still happily riding it?
  6. I havn't had a bad spill ,and don't really wanna have one :). Thats why I always search for cases which are not explainable, they are actually not that easy to find. 112 kg on a 800W wheel is a problematic configuration
  7. Any reason why it might have happened? Ver low battery or over acceleration? This kind of statements really worry me...
  8. There is just not enough figures and stats available to be able to say if today's wheels are safe or unsafe. Everything is anecdotal, and what often is described a equipment failure might just be an overlean. Seems a few people though have experienced multiple controller board failures and that hopefully is a statistical anomaly. What would make me feel safer though is to have 2 independent controller boards, one in hot standby at all times, I would pay extra for that. Its why I have 2 disks in my Synology NAS - disk failure is also something quite unlikely but makes me feel a lot safer to hav
  9. I can only speak for the Tesla: Its such a great wheel, unless you plan to go really fast, it is really perfect. I tried out riding all kinds of big wheels on a group ride recently (including V11, MSP, Monster) and find they feel like a train: stable but less playful, less nimble and responsive. With the Tesla it accelerates hard with fairly little lean compared to the big wheels. So if you want to ride beyond 40kmh regularly on big long road trips go for the big wheel of course, otherwise Telsa is a really nice all-rounder wheel especially for city commuting
  10. Did you cut out on the V8 at 30kmh? Thats pretty much the top speed right?
  11. What videos were they? I think its pretty rare (equipment caused crashes), esp on V8F never heard of it. I heard it a bit on some of the brand new ones, V11, S18 etc, but they are version 1.0 kind of thing
  12. Wish you a speedy recovery and very sorry this happened to you. All the best from The Netherlands.
  13. I just got this wheel few weeks back. Managed 49km with low Voltage beeps starting to go non stop, darkness bot said i still have 10% left or so. I weigh maybe 78kg with all gear and backpack. Was riding usually 30 to 35kph, but on the way back had pretty strong wind against me.
  14. Time will tell. I will probably just buy a bigger wheel and see if the V8F still gets usage. Knowing me I will still use V8F sometimes as its fun and playful, great for short local commuting or throw it in the car when going somewhere just in case i need it. The big one will be for longer trips, whole afternoon kind of thing, where riding is the sole purpose, as opposed to commuting or playing around.
  15. Yes my friend we are so totally in the same boat. I love the V8F but often ride close on 30kmh and I'm not comfortable being so close to the max of this motor. I watch the power gauge on the app and often touch and even exceed 1000W which is not safe in my opinion. I am most likely going to upgrade , my light weight candidates are : MCM5, Tesla V2. My heavyweight candidates are S18 or V11. Recently I read a post of a guy cutting out on a brand new V11 production model at very normal speed so this has me a bit worried about buying an first version of a new model. Maybe better to wait until they
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