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  1. Wish you a speedy recovery and very sorry this happened to you. All the best from The Netherlands.
  2. I just got this wheel few weeks back. Managed 49km with low Voltage beeps starting to go non stop, darkness bot said i still have 10% left or so. I weigh maybe 78kg with all gear and backpack. Was riding usually 30 to 35kph, but on the way back had pretty strong wind against me.
  3. Time will tell. I will probably just buy a bigger wheel and see if the V8F still gets usage. Knowing me I will still use V8F sometimes as its fun and playful, great for short local commuting or throw it in the car when going somewhere just in case i need it. The big one will be for longer trips, whole afternoon kind of thing, where riding is the sole purpose, as opposed to commuting or playing around.
  4. Yes my friend we are so totally in the same boat. I love the V8F but often ride close on 30kmh and I'm not comfortable being so close to the max of this motor. I watch the power gauge on the app and often touch and even exceed 1000W which is not safe in my opinion. I am most likely going to upgrade , my light weight candidates are : MCM5, Tesla V2. My heavyweight candidates are S18 or V11. Recently I read a post of a guy cutting out on a brand new V11 production model at very normal speed so this has me a bit worried about buying an first version of a new model. Maybe better to wait until they iron out all the kinks
  5. haha yes i have the cover and i also didn't understand the zipper. I just keep it zipped up :). Love the cover btw as it keeps the wheel pristine, but my foot pads are getting a bit scratched up now.
  6. Congrats. I'm on V8F and also eyeing the 16X or Tesla V2 or S18. But I'm not doing offroading, for that i have my onewheel XR. somehow for offroading i prefer side stance, just personal choice. Let us know how it goes with your 16X
  7. Are you saying you could vary the speed of when the beep occurs using darkness bot? I couldnt find an option for that either. There is no separation of warning beep and tilt back as far as i could see, but would be happy if I am wrong.
  8. Yeh well, Inmotion app doesnt have this. So i only have a very sudden tilt back together with a beep
  9. Didnt find an option for that in Inmotion app. Can you explain how to do it? But one drawback is the beep may be overheard, but still i'd be happy with that solution
  10. I fully agree that it could be implemented based on acceleration, not fixed interval and it would be better for me compared to current implementation. But it may confuse some riders as tilt back starts at different absolute speeds. What I would find useful is a much more simple solution: That you can set the tilt back "window" yourself. Lets say you set max speed to 37 km/h and tilt back window is set to 5, so it would start tilt back at 32 and achieve full tilt back at 37. Then the "gentleness" of the tilt back is in the hands of the user.
  11. Wouldnt worry about what you look like if it makes you feel safer. Personally I feel ok with non-full face helmet, knee and wrist guards. Thinking to get elbow guards but that ought to do it for me on the V8F. My cruising speed is usually only 20 to max 30kmh which also greatly reduces the chance of overlooking a bad patch of surface or pothole. V8F is not like the high speed EUC's where scenery flies by so fast that you didn't even see the pothole coming
  12. Yes i think it was just 30 bucks or so, it seemed insignificant to add it to the order at the time. I usually cruise at 25 kmh or so. Here in Holland we have excellent bike paths so 25 feels ultra relaxed and safe. Sometimes i speed to 28 to 30 or so just to catch an electric bike , but I do feel 30 is too close to the max and its probably not safe on low battery. Thats why i am considering for safety to get a bit bigger unicycle - not because i want to go much faster, but just to have more safety margin.
  13. I got this cover with my V8F, not sure how much its cost extra, but it protects the sides nicely and doesn't look bad. I'm also happy with my V8F but always little worried I might be riding too close to max power. So I think medium to long term I want to get a more powerful one. I want to go 30kmh without any worries of closing in on the max, also with wind and low battery. Thinking MCM5 or Gotway Tesla which are still small-ish wheels but much more power.
  14. Klar verstehen wir dich! Ich fahre in Den Haag, NL durch die Gegend. Lass dich in DE nicht erwischen
  15. On the tiltback: I was riding Gotway MCM5 for 2 weeks before the V8F and tilt back was much friendlier. About setting the beep before tiltback: I will try it but not sure thats possible using inmotion app. Will have a look. Maybe Darkbot? Battery: The app % varies for sure depending on speed, but I assume when the red light on the device is blinking, it should be close to finished, but app would stay 30% while riding and a bit more when stationary. For example on my onewheel XR I only go by app and when its 30% I have no concerns whatsoever, except I would slow down a bit. But on V8F when the device is flashing red I guess I should be concerned even though app says 30%
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