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  1. I've got the Merlin Hamlin Hoody.  It has dupont kevlar lining and CE approved armor.  It comes with your typical shoulder and elbow protection and does have back protection(but is very light and flimsy, probably more for skid protection.)  It's very comfortable and feels like I'm not wearing it.  With that being said I live in Texas so during summer it gets pretty hot.  I typically will ride when it's cooler in the morning or evening around 93/94 degrees.  Hoodie feels great and fine for about the first 40 minutes then it starts to get hot.  I'd say it's more of fall/spring hoody.  

  2. Well gave it two days for my body to relax and headed over to a local high school parking lot to get some more practice in.  I did a one hour session.  Not perfect, but I am able to mount and stay on.  I don't know what happened, but my body just clicked for whatever reason and is instinctively doing things on it.  For example one foot might be pushing down to speed up while the other foot is pressing back with the heel to brake for turning.  Also one side of my body will just hug the side of the wheel when I need to turn.  It's like my body just knows what to do.  There must be some voodoo stuff going on.:lol:   No lower back soreness, but getting a little speed wobble so I'm going to have to figure out how to remedy that situation.

  3. Greetings,

    I just received my solo wheel 3 yesterday and began learning how to ride.  I know alot of people talk about foot or leg soreness after riding especially a beginner.  I have not experienced that, but do experience quite a bit of lower back soreness from learning to ride.  I just want to confirm this is normal or what I might need to do to remedy the situation?  Stance?  Maybe it's from leaning over to adjust the solowheel after it falls?

    The other question pertains to keeping the EUC going straight.  It seems that every time I mount I get going a couple of yards in a straight line, but then I find myself going right or left and I'm just unsure of how to correct the problem.  Does this have to do with my stance? 

    My daughter and I are having a blast sharing the memories of falling and our small victories while we learn to ride.

    Side note for a shout out to ewheels- I actually ordered two solowheels, one for my 13 year old daughter and one for myself.  We aired up the tires, put both units to full charge, grabbed our safety gear, and went to learning to ride.  After awhile my daughter was really struggling.  After a closer look, the tire on the solowheel she was riding was flat, tried to air it up with no luck.  Emailed ewheels last night and they replied early this morning that they are sending me a replacement tube and sealant and sent me a video link tutorial on how to do it.  Can't wait for my daughter and I to learn how to replace the tube.

    Looking forward to becoming more active in my new found hobby,


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