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  1. I'm using cssbuy for this item. There's also superbuy. Keep in mind that shipping can be up to 30-80€ (at least for EU).
  2. Woah, nice review. Thank you! :-) What is that shim that you are talking about? Is my first time doing this kind of things to an EUC.
  3. Maybe not because of bottom out. Maybe just because when the PSI is too low, the tire starts to "bend inwards" from the middle and is not prepared for that kind of wear on the outside. Btw not sure if this applies to EUCs as the tires are not that wide as car ones. I still prefer to stick within manufacture limits, just in case.
  4. Nice. Can you keep us updated? I was looking for a knobby one, without success, so bought a h666 which is still in China :-(
  5. That's a KS16X? What tire is that? How it performs in asphalt at high speeds? PD: I've seen using a cutter for that. A cutter and a lot of patience xD
  6. Finally! 27€ shipping. The "main" option was not 55€, but 80€. When I saw it I was like but there was this 27€ option where it said low taxing chances for my country. The problem is that instead of 5-10 days, it will be 10-20 days of arrival time. Woah, glad I had this option for my country. 80€ is really really really expensive. Lets see if I'm lucky enough for it to not be taxed. EDIT: The packet size was too big for this shipping option... I had to pay extra 15€, so total shipping 42€.
  7. Woah, didn't know that. Right now I've only payed about 16€ and I thought that shipping will be about extra 20€ at most. Poor me xD Well, if it lasts a few thousand km with nice paved/offroad ridings, 70€ total is worth it. The branded knobbed tires I was looking before were no cheap.
  8. So they don't send the tires they offer. I guess that tehy have a big stock of the same only tire xD Glad I passed. Btw, the one I bought was a bit fail (waiting for tracking number and nothing. I just asked for a refund and got it, so no scammed). Now I'm with a taobao agent (superbuy). A more difficult process that simply purchasing a listing, but is the only site that I found that has the exact tire I want now. Also Superbuy sends you photos of the item when they buy them from taobao, so you can finally check that is the item you want. Kinda weird process actually haha.
  9. Yes, I have a store in my country with 16x tires, so 24-48h delivery, but wanted to try a different one. I found a bicycle tire but the only review I've read about bicycle tires on EUCs is not that good. They are pretty soft and have some weird feelings. Finally I bought a CYT H-666, which has nice offroad reviews, although is not knobby. Yep, I was doing so and noticed that it got huge before reaching 3 PSI so I stopped hahaha. The warranty is a problem as is a product directly from China, and no warranty there. I can try to fight but... I just want to try a different tire xD btw the "free spare" thingy is good. Going to try. I dissasembled it and the tube is perfecttly round with no air loss. May be a low pressure thing, as I was fiddling with low pressures for offroad riding, although always within the tire recomendation so is a tire fault for sure. The weird thing is that the problem was just at the valve side. Maybe is just a coincidence, but... well, kinda weird. Or maybe the person that mounted the tube damaged the tire a bit with the valve and it got worse over time. Yep, this makes sense to me. Yep. That's for sure. And maybe I also slime it. Have read nice reviews about flat prevention and slime.
  10. Oh, what a pity. Do you happen to have the source code somewhere? I don't mind to push a PR with extra gauge styling configuration. I see that you have this: https://github.com/slastowski/EucWorldAndroid but seems outdated with your current version. Maybe I can add it to that outdated git and you merge it to your actual code if you like it. I'm pretty sure that having EUC World in a full android smartwatch will be a common thing. I'm not the only one doing this xD
  11. @DjPanJan yeah, thank you for your help. I used it, but the Android zoom has its drawbacks, like adding some delay to the gauge double tap, as the system has to wait for the third tap to happen or not, the minimum zoom is way too much zoom so I have to change the system layout to square instead of keeping the circle layout I like, the image is also blurred out and finally the zoom is still applied in the entire system although I exit or enter the app, which is annoying when I want to reach out Maps, or when it decides to remove the zoom because I pressed too many times the back button, so I have to zoom, pinch and etc midtrip haha. Is not a bad solution by the way, but I'm hating a lot of aspects of it xD
  12. Hey @Seba do you accept suggestions? Can be difficult to add options to remove text around the gauge and to make the gauge bigger? I just bought a full android smartwatch with 1200mah battery and EUC World works like a charm. Full responsiveness and such. The problem is that I don't look for the small text I have around the gauge and would like to get rid of them, also reduce the up and down margins (or paddings), so the gauge gets a bit bigger.
  13. I'm using a Kospet Prime SE. Full Android, tons of battery (About 3 hours with the screen always-on on EUC World gauge), under 90€ and working with UEC World directly connected to the wheel without a smartphone in the middle. The bad thing: When really really sunny (midday spanish sun. The next level is desert sun haha), you can only see the speed. I guess a pebble is better for this, but the problem is that you have to carry a smartphone.
  14. Woah, in the second video the guy jumps on the EUC again
  15. Can't handle this anymore. I'm done. Just bought a h666, don't know if clone or if still has stock left (or if sends me another tire). Let's see what I receive. From here: https://www.ebuy7.com/item/543521525326 Edit: I guess is fake... do you have experience with this? I paid with PayPal so I'm partially protected just in case it never arrives.
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