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  1. Yeah, that's what I was thinking, to cut the edges as I saw that on other wheels. Damn I didn't noticed that tire on Aliexpress. I searched before buying on Superbuy but I guess I'm a bad searcher xD
  2. I'm going to buy a knobby tire now. Expect it to arrive in... one month? I don't know xD Been riding with a h66 offroad and had no problem with small puddles, but want to start going a bit hardcore now. EDIT: Bought @Tinkererboi one (here second link) via Superbuy. Aliexpress still don't has a 12/2.75 knobby tire :-(
  3. This is cool. What about battery duration with screen always on?
  4. @Pickelhaupt that's pretty cool. Do you plan to add some kind of manual brightness control? Like sweeping the screen left or right to increase/decrease it while riding.
  5. Woah, that's cool. Has some tapping functions? Like horn and lights.
  6. And now I'm going to add my H-666 review. Bought via Superbuy from here: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=543521525326 Mounting was easier than the previous tire I bought. Is a bit softer and the side that fits over the rim is a bit smaller, having less bruishing against the valve. About riding, loved it. Really nimble, really nice grip on tarmac and offroading. Although I had a small drift on loose sand zone, it drifted way less than the H-5167.
  7. Hi, I know there's a KS-16X post about tire discussion, but don't has an organized list with all the tires we are finding and mounting. I'm going to list the tires, any big or small reviews and where to buy them. I'm only going to add KS-16X reviews although the tire pattern is the same as other wheels, because the feeling from different wheels is also different. When you talk about CYT, there are 3 models: H-5146, H-5167 and H-5102. I'm having a hard time discovering what tires you are talking about. Please reviewers, confirm. CYT H-5167 stock tire (Not sure if I'm mixing both
  8. That's cool. I only saw how the S18 can be tuned. Didn't know anything about V11 suspension tuning.
  9. Oh, that's what I saw in the V11 vs S18 @evX_Mick YouTube video. I don't own any of those. Waiting for more versions to come up EDIT: Now I see that you mean "more progressive". Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
  10. I guess that also because the S18 has a increasing suspension while the v11 is linear. In the v11 you top-down more than in a S18, so the more bumpy a ride is, the worse the linear suspension feeling is. As you say, depends a lot on the offroad terrain type.
  11. Exactly that's what I do now. Assembled again without pinching the tube with the lever tool. EDIT: I've tried with my hands brute force and had to use the lever... damn how soft I am xD Just made a test ride of about 10km. Is working fine. Oh my gosh I'm finally going to ride this wheel after 1 and a half month!!!! I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!! If it lasts a few hours this weekend over 30 PSI I'm happy. I'm going to let it rest this night and tomorrow check the PSI. Wish me luck :-)
  12. hahahahaha No. Simply that I have big levers and zero skills xD I pinched almost all the tube with the lever one of the assemblies/dissasemblies... now I'm way more cautious.
  13. WTF man. I'm going to try that right now (3rd assembly today...) but I'm sure that is impossible hahaha.
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