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  1. Have it. London is the dogs bollocks. Have that
  2. You obviously didn't see the news article then about how the shopping was being made for delivery to parents for food for kids free of charge. And using an echo friendly mode of transport was also mentioned. Love to know how that isn't a good image
  3. Wrong... NHS is paid for by tax payers who work and put into the system like I do. So when I need the NHS I know I put my bit into it
  4. The point is really simple and straight forward... you asked how other countries can swing a decision on law for our country to make euc legal... I explained You then asked for proof I explained with France and e-scooters And now you saying this? Give it up, your fighting a losing battle and you know it
  5. I still like to know where you think it said YouTube would be the ones getting them banned? I said it was the NYC riders. Not really winning this one are you?
  6. @davinchi At no point did I say "YouTube holds the power of legislation" so I have no idea where you got that from ? You also asked about make decisions based on small subset of individuals from other countries ? Does the trials of e-scooters being used like they have been doing in France ring any bells? Any other questions?
  7. Why do you think gun ownership is illegal in UK? Because of all the crime that happens in America with guns Why do you think not wearing a motor bike helmet on a motor bike is illegal over here but not in India? Because England research, learns and listens to the pros and cons of what happens to anything that will be an outcome for law. Which is why looking at NYC riders can swing it. Let's be honest... your argument is flawed no matter how hard you try to defend the NYC riders
  8. Well it certainly wouldn't be Boris Johnson as he would see the NYC riders and think " No way would I want that to happen in our country" so will ban it... And it would be the idiotic NYC YouTube riders to blame... so.. erm... Want to ask again who the dummy would be ?
  9. I hide them like my porn collection... under the bed lol these are some of them. The kingsing 16C and 18xl are on the other side of the wall so I didn't get them in on the pic
  10. Erm... I live in central London so can't see how I have any kind of envy, esp whwn i own 12 Euc's right now. I just choose not to ride like a cock
  11. Def not envy as we all have the ability and chance to ride like that and choose not to. And if you think the outrage is a bit to far... then how do you think non EUC riders are going to feel ?
  12. My bad. I apologise for any offence caused. But GRRRR..... does my nut in when a hell of a lot of us around the world... esp London riders are actually in talks woth parliament about making these legal and since Boris Johnson is an eco bike enthusiast we are so close... in fact so close that one of our London riders was actually talking to him recently about it in person. And yet here we are with them dumb NYC riders thinking they are all big and mighty ruining it for the rest of us by being selfish doing (let's face it) embarrassing YouTube vids of dangerous riding
  13. I mean really? With your logic thinking then I guess that George floyd and the BLM protest didn't affect anyone outside of America as IT DIDNT HAPPEN IN EUROPE!!! and yet we are getting good coverage in UK but it's idiots like you with your pathetic YouTube posts about stupid things like these. And let's not forget about that guy who was doing a rap video in New York didn't wear a helmet and what happened? Smashed he's face in and now has the nerve to ask for a "go fund me" loooool I don't think so. Shouldn't be a cocky rider. I broke my hip, I broke my leg, I broke my shoulder...all in the past.. I didn't ask one person to go fund me. But then why would I? It's my problem. Seems like riders like you try and act all "cool" but make yourself out like idiots that you are for pathetic YouTube likes. Then cry when things go wrong. Leave up to the big boys like us who rides sensible and try to get it lawfully imposed that we can ride these legally
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