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  1. Thank you )))) Thanks for your persistence. ))) I will write a private message..))
  2. ... some more sand and stones ..))) Reduced pressure tests
  3. Meanwhile the Siberian Bublik travels through the night university...))))
  4. The Bublik made for export conquers the USA! .. Bublik arrived in two parcels, was assembled by the customer according to detailed instructions, and now he is driving through New Jersey ...
  5. Thanks. I have not seen any system (permanent) bugs. There were one-time crashes, but it was on the previous firmware. The controller keeps the current 70 A battery and 140 A motor normally However, tuning a powerful motor with a large number of parameters is, of course, difficult. I cannot say that I have achieved the perfect setting.
  6. Thanks for understanding..) But I also know from myself that it is difficult to conduct a complex detailed discussion in a foreign language in a foreign culture, so I have no big complaints if someone does not always succeed in correctly expressing their thoughts ..))
  7. Hi! I will answer tomorrow, now it's already night in Siberia ...)))) 100 kg is not a lot ..))))
  8. Yes, I am thinking of different design options ...))) Let's see how this is implemented in ready-made EUC
  9. I make them to order individually. There are many peculiarities - batteries are not allowed for air and they have to be bought locally according to my specifications. Components must be ordered and are not always available. There are different delivery options ... If you are interested in buying - write me a message. If you are interested just to look at the price values - I think this is a little more Veteran Sherman ..))))
  10. It seems to me that not everyone will want to order an experimental Bublik in 3 months more expensive than buying a completely ready-to-use Veteran Sherman ...)) Probably only the most fat-tire fans .. And also those who like to buy a vehicle and finish and alter it with their own hands .. But there are not so many such people. For them, I can certainly make several Bubiks ..)))
  11. Thank you very much.!! After such comments, I want to build a lot of new EUCs..)))
  12. Heavy off-road EUC for girls? Despite its impressive weight, size and tricky handling on bumps, the Bublik is surprisingly easy to learn in basic terms on asphalt. The ability to start sitting down and get used to the heavy machine on your own is very friendly, especially for girls. The lateral support in the knee (and not in the ankle, as on conventional EUC) allows painless control of wheel inclination without much physical training. People with good balance, after getting used to sitting riding, can simply step on the pedals and continue to ride while standing ... In shor
  13. .. I didn’t take long precise measurements (I didn’t go for more than an hour in a row). Very rough estimates with a 1680 Wh battery: - on sand - 30-40 km - sand looseness is of great importance - on solid ground (paths) - 60-80 km - on the asphalt at a speed, the rumble and vibration from the knobby tire are so strong that there is no question of range. - Two batteries are installed in parallel to provide a current of 60-80A (do not push through on the rise) If you want to drive further, you can put a bigger battery ..)) but this is enough for me too .. - If you charge two batteri
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