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  1. Oh man !!!! I just got hooked on MiniPro's , been playing with my sons Swagtron hoverboard for like a year now and I'm way to big for it. but I really loved the experience. So I picked up a MiniPro 2 wheel and really liked it, bought 2 more refurbs that came with the larger battery. Got thrown off randomly from the 1st used one I got that had the smaller battery. I am over the weight limit at 250 pounds, 6' 2" (Fat American eek..) But this is soo much fun. but I can quickly feel the limitations of this Ninebot minipro and as a mechanical design engineer I am savvy to electric motor systems etc and fully get the limitations with my minipro's. anyway, I'm 41, not in shape since I drive a mouse all day. Is it really possible for someone like me to get into one of these EUC's ? I admit this is the first day I have spent reading about it and I do plan on reading a lot here. am I going to break myself learning to ride these ? I am Savvy with power sports and ride a Honda CRF450 on trails etc. I do plan on Helmet and pads etc. I'll do my own research on the machine I should get. I just basically want a good feeling that I should go ahead and pursue this cool hobby. Thanks, Dave
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