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  1. Bagheera


    Hi, I just tried all 3 apps, none of them found my wheel. Not sure if I am doing it correctly, I powered up the wheel when I was testing the apps, refreshed a few times in ever app, but nothing came up.
  2. Bagheera


    I just got a IPS Zero second hand. I really would like to get the app that works with the Zero. I tried downloading 3-4 different apps, one of them found me wheel but did not display any info, it was also in chines which made it hard to use. Last owner did not know anything about an app. My wheel was sold in Sweden by a Swedish company that re branded it to MonoWheel. If anyone could help that would be really appreciated.
  3. I have given up on this repair. I got a friend to look at the circuit board and after that I can't come up with other ideas what to do with it. I killed it with the short circuit after replacing the mosfets.
  4. So the rest of the number are not important? Then if they are the same, I would assume that something else is broken 🤔
  5. Original mosfet https://ibb.co/CKxjtPk New mosfet https://ibb.co/km9F1N0 Anyone know where I can get replacements? I tried googling the number but didn't find many selling. Especially in europe.
  6. Not sure how I will be able to do that, my wheel wont turn at all with the original electronics, if I had some other blushless motordriver then that could be possible, but I don't have anything else. Now I have replaced all the mosfets, but I forgot to put som plastic stuff that where between the screws and the mosfets, so it shorted when powered on. Poped the new mosfets. I have tried replacing those that Poped, but now I am not sure if the new ones are the same as the old ones, or that all of them got damaged from the first shorts circuit. However it seems as if one of the original mosfets was shorted when I tested all of them. Now I am gonna try to buy new mosfets that are hopefully the same and replace all 6 again and not short them. I bought 10 mosfets, during my 3 different tests, it has always ended with exploding mosfets. I am not so experienced with this kind of stuff and I am still learning.
  7. The links I checked did not help me at all, so I gave up on finding hall effect info on this page. Found some videos on YouTube that help a bit. Not sure what voltage my hall effect sensors should have. I tried with 5v and got some reading which seems to indicate that they are fine. Here is a video of me doing that test: Today I received the mosfets, so I am going to give it a try replacing all 6 of them.
  8. The motherboard was not loose when I took it apart, I haven't noticed that the wheel/axelbolt would be loose as well. I am going to check the hall effect sensors when I get back home in a week.
  9. Those 5 smaller cables coming from the motor I guess? Any idea how to test them?
  10. I ordered some new mosfet and I am planing on replacing them. First time when the EUC got the jerking error I was driving off road on some roots, sometimes it did not have enough power to get over the roots, which usually ended in me falling off and the EUC going crazy and started jerking. During this moment when the EUC gives full power but the wheel doesn't move could hurt the mosfets I guess. After that the EUC become normal after a few minutes, I used it for a few more rides everything seemed normal, then the last ride before it started jerking I felt a tiny bit of jerking during normal cruising on road. After 40 minutes of resten in the car it did not want to work more.
  11. Yes I would believe that is true, it very slow, 10km/h I think. That is the buzzer, because of the error code it buzzes constantly, so I disconnected it. Which was fine, used it like that for a few weeks. Pictures of the charger that came with the euc. https://ibb.co/VLQrgZ7 https://ibb.co/vjRbgG5 I saw a video about calibrating an euc that had the same body but different circutboard, I can't understand if there is a calibration feature on mine. Saw a video about mosfelts that could be broken, tested mine when they still where on the circutboard, they seemed fine, but I am not 100% sure that I did it correctly.
  12. Here is a video of the problem when I have taken it apart, it is jerking the same when assembled. After jerking a bit the wheel becomes locked and wont rotate freely, jerking if you tilt it back and forward. https://youtu.be/g3W20Iowocg
  13. I have an euc that is some type of IPS euc that has been branded as a monowheel by a swedish company that doesn't exist anymore. It has started jerking after a crash and is not rideable anymore. I really wish to get it back up and running, I could really use some advice. I made a post in the IPS section, but it seems dead there. More details in that post: If anyone could give me advice how to find the problem and fix it I would be very grateful.
  14. I got a monowheel secondhand, it had no battery. I put a battery together myself and the EUC started working, it had an error code, I think it was 4 green Binks and 2 red or the other way around. It also had a very annoying buzzer which I disconnected. It all worked for me and I had a lot of fun with it. A few days ago I crashed and then the EUC went crazy, after that it started jerking going back and forward, jerking a lot, not rideable. It did that for a minute, I tried restarting it and eventually it became normal again. I have used it a few times after that and it was fine, but today it when back into jerking mode, i opened it up to see if I could find a problem but I found nothing. I would love some advice how I can fix it. I don't know much about it. It says IPS on the wheel. The company that sold it here is Sweden doesn't exist anymore. It has a 12 cells li ion battery, it's maximum 10 km/h I think. Pictures https://ibb.co/zsrnkGR https://ibb.co/VWjXVy1 https://ibb.co/cCSgfjK https://ibb.co/YR733bG https://ibb.co/x8CCRW7 https://ibb.co/7WsKTGV
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