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  1. Hi, I want to switch to an EUC from using my bike for everyday commute. Like others, I have spent several weeks researching these things (and prior to that I didn't even know these things existed). What appeals to me over bikes and e-scooters is the compact size and added fun factor. But there are a few things that scare me from buying one right now. It seems like the current options are either buying an outdated wheel or a 60lbs one. I don't need the 60 mile range, off-roading or being able to climb 40-degree hills, I need something I can carry up 3 flights of stairs. I don't need something that replaces public transit, I need something that enhances it. But that doesn't seem to be where the market is headed. I understand that the companies are currently catering to early adopters willing to pay a premium for high performance, but why are there so few mid-market options (seems like V8F is the only one)? AFAIK, part of the reason for increased power + battery is to provide enough safety buffer due to the problem of cutouts, which in turn adds more weight, but isn't that a fundamentally flawed approach? What we need is to have enough juice to provide a short (2-3 second) burst of power, not to use the source of continuous power for the same purpose. We have plenty of examples of this both in nature and other tech (twitch muscles used for punching vs slow muscles used for lifting, NO2 in street-racing providing a short burst of speed, a pneumatic break). Why can't similar technology be adopted in EUCs? Why can't we store a higher-voltage charge needed for that burst in a temporary high-power capacitor (charged by the battery while riding) instead of relying on battery's own remaining power for it?
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