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  1. Thanks for all the info! I’ll ask him for the battery capacity. Another thing, does anyone know how I ought to be safe if this is a scam? Is it safe enough to pay trough PayPal? We live to far apart so I simply can’t see the thing in real life. It’s a bit of a gamble to buy something like this but how do I minimize the risk and what else is there to be asked before making my mind up.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I live in Sweden and found a guy through an European app similar to Craigslist that is selling this wheel. He is Germain, witch I cannot understand a word of so we google translate our messages but we still haven’t had that much dialogue since he only responds like every other day. So I thought it’s best to get the info here. What is important questions to be asked before making a purchase? Also what does it mean that the battery is way below zero? (As you said) Does it mean that the battery is dead and the wheel needs to be fixed or something?
  3. Hey guys. I was going to buy this unicycle however I thought before I do that to ask someone that knows this stuff better then me. It’s a second hand unit and it’s unclear to me if it’s a 100v or 84v. Could someone please specify the model by looking at these pictures? The owner is asking 600 euros for it. Let me know if it’s a good deal. https://imgur.com/6HjNILs https://imgur.com/aPQdLvP
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