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  1. hey there, after i fixed the first vibration problem in the headlight I hear what sounds like plastik creaking to me. Im curious if you´ve ever heard it at yours. way to big for here, dunno why i filmed anyway. the sound occurs when leaning into the pedals or espacially do a force switch from forward to backwards. as always, thanks in advance and cheers
  2. danke vielmals hatte dasselbe problem und wurde durch diese anleitung gelöst
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    helped, closed
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    i will directly try this thank you
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    hey there, due to my ks16x being a rotting corpse and some hatefull conversations with the dealer i decided to buy a Inmotion V11. As things go there was a private listing in my hometown for a V11 bought in dec 20 with 100km range. crash and scarfree for 1700€ (same price as he paid on myewheels). testet and bought. today i went for a nice ride and heard that its very noisy in the low speed area, especially at braking. file in attachment anybody out there who has similar experiences ? thank you in advanceSeegrabenstraße.m4aDorfstraße.m4a
  6. this is totally my point. And i get used to a device by testriding it. How could I figure out that torque loss at my self? only with an accident. This is what makes me furios.
  7. thank you for putting that much effort into that, you really support me with my accident!! this are great references
  8. the problem wouldnt be there if I dropped like that, checked the datas and there are 60 km/h it would make total sense. it would be logical that the system is overpowered by that, not good that none of three alarms came but understandable. but if you check the accident datas (first photo), wheres the reason? accident datas
  9. the retailer really had the balls to tell me that I clearly shot the fuse with more than 30A current (I only sent him the screenshot from the accident ride) At tuesday I have an appointment at consumer rights and after it I will drive to him and I hope we will find a solution. this datas clearly indicate that the wheel hasn´t overpowered, so anything other must have happened in that moment. Or is there a possibility the moment of the crash wasn´t registered by darknessbot app? thanks again !!
  10. I could post MANY examples with rides that were between 40 and 50A max current. I will post only 5 for reference cause of spamming really bad here. maybe you understand why i felt very comfy riding 40 kmh and accelerating. I have many more of those ride stats so wheres the problem with the previous posted? though these are among the highest stats in my darknessbot logs:
  11. Im really sorry that i spam the forum but I dont know how to properly post photos^^ Here is the darknessbot entry from the accident ride:
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