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  1. Electric Dreams just posted a new video of the Sherman and it's the best look I've had of the wheel yet. Totally reassured me of my deposit for this wheel. A couple shots in the video show just how much of a beast this thing is. The way he just zooms away has me so eager to hop on this wheel. It ticks so many of the boxes on my list. Can't wait to get my hands on this!
  2. Did you ever receive your MSS? I was going to get the MSP from ewheels but I don't really want to compromise on torque. It seems like that's one of the main benefits of the MSP. The MSS sounds like the perfect mix of the MSP and the MSP high speed. I'm also confused on how to order the MSS. Like do you add all the extra stuff to your cart? It comes out to like $3,246.
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