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  1. I think this is a better advice than what I posted above.
  2. I'd recommend the MCM5 as well for a first wheel. I don't own one yet but read on: Some may not agree but I'd say, your height and weight is a factor on choosing your first wheel - it's about leverage when learning to mount. If this helps as a reference; I'm about 164cm at 63kg. I have an mten3 - small, light and harder to mount at first but super nimble. I use it a lot for errands. After 6 months, I bought a 16X - heavier, taller, stable to mount, smooth but requires more input. I use it for commuting. The MCM5 seems to fit in the middle and I'm likely getting one soon. You'll
  3. Dude! after 5 minutes? Pfftt! How about voicing a complain after 100 Miles or Kms?
  4. I added a Key switch to my wheels. It disables the power switch when keyed off whenever I leave my wheels out of sight or prevent mishaps from curious hands. Any lucky thief will have to open the unit up to get it working. But speaking of getting jacked on the local bridges, I think there was a few incidents at either the Brooklyn or Williamsburg Bridge back in the days where lone riders get jacked midway and some pricey carbon road bikes were taken.
  5. Dang!! Thanks for the heads up. That's my route, too.
  6. In case someone reads that and worries about the objects poking thru mtb vents in a crash - well, hakuna matata, "never seen that happen in over 20 years of MTB". I'm not saying it's impossible either but there's plenty of mountainbike forums on-line for a search. I can testify to that......
  7. There's not enough EUC's rolling compared to e-scooters, e-skateboards, e-mini bikes to catch attention but as we know there's a fair amount of "speedy" NYC EUC riders out there so maybe just a matter of time before regulations take place...
  8. I'm glad they passed that law. The swarms of Atv/dirt bike riders is getting out of control. I was at the Astoria Park when this happened -
  9. I'm nowhere near these riders skill level but yeah, plenty of close calls being as a pedestrian or rider in NYC. Once, I had to duck under a swinging truck door riding 15mph on my bike. Very recently, over 100 quad/dirt bike riders was in our local Park. Popping wheelies and doing donuts where most folks/family were just trying to relax on a warm Sunday evening. But I've had my share of recklessness. There was "Bladenight Manhattan"; up to 500 rollerbladers converge into Union Square at 7pm every Wednesday and do a 10-mile roll around the city. Good times and some casualties with tha
  10. Here's an option: find a small knife (preferably with a wooden handle) and heat up the tip til it's glowing hot. Will carve any plastic. I would try carving scraps first for practice. Then use sandpaper or nail-file to smooth out your edges. Note: your working with heat so sensibility and precautions prevail.
  11. I sure hope it's not the maker of the RS, HS and Mten3.
  12. Decide on HOW and WHERE will you be using the wheel to get a better scope of what to get. I'd also say, height/weight is a factor on leverage and handling, i.e. a 6'4" 250 lb rider might find an 10" wheel harder to ride. Some will argue that anyone can start with any wheel.......true, but why not choose an easier learning curve. Sounds like you already do due-diligence so it wouldn't hurt to buy a used one. There's plenty of helpful members here to guide you. I wish I knew about this forum when I started. I also find certain issues tend to be overblown after extensive reading, l
  13. I hear that @Scottie888Tho, I'd safely say, stature dictates preference. I'm on the tiny side and a good fit on the mten3. Just super nimble for City errands but def not comfy on longer rides. For such a package, it's a keeper for me. The 16x is a caddy, still feels heavy to ride & def cumbersome to lug around in comparison. So yes, I feel there's a "gap" for the MCM5 to fill. But for now, I'm planning to ride the 16X to the 100th-mile mark first. See how much my handling improves and if that "gap" still persists. Trying the "less is more" lifestyle. For suspension and
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