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  1. What's a safe battery temp for my Z10? When should I pull over on the mountain and let it cool down for a half an hour or so to help keep this thing alive for the trip down the mountain?
  2. Liv2xplore


    Pretty nice trail! I was going out for a few minutes on the Z10 with my Gear 360 camera. I have no idea how to edit into something this good yet. I've had the camera for months and when I thought of it I realized I should probably plug it in to charge first.
  3. Just a note that it seems more accurate with my Z10
  4. I love that phrase Z mode! Just had my first ride on my Z10 and it is definitely a different animal
  5. I noticed the other day that my EUC World app marked my top speed on my E+ at 16.8 mph. I chose not to install the MRN76 app to increase so I know the machine's top speed is supposed to be around 13 mph. So today I used a different speedo app and it showed my top speed was 15 mph, still high. But when I looked at the EUC World app it showed my top speed at 20 mph! I KNOW I didn't get anywhere near that today! I was deliberately keeping my speed down because I wanted to practice the control. The question is, how do I adjust the app to be more accurate?
  6. Consider this, I bought a used low mileage, highly scuffed but very usable Ninebot One E+ for $200 to learn on. It has hot glue, torn pads and I ended up super gluing the battery down because it fell out every time I bailed off while learning. It's rough, but it works fine. You got yours for free, the battery is good which is one the most expensive parts. So I think you're on the right track to fixing it up. But keep in mind that you're going to learn a little, realize you want a faster one, because these are low speed machines, and now you're going to drop a thousand on a used Z10 because that spill wasn't really that bad and your arms are healing nicely. But you want to go over 30 kph so you drop the cash....wait that was me. My arms feel fine now and my knee barely hurts at all anymore...Get pads, even cheap motocross ones on Amazon.
  7. I'm interested, but these are the last wheels Ninebot made and they had board issues. Is there a source for replacement boards if I were to buy this and a week or 6 months later the board fries?
  8. Well, the V10F I was looking to buy is off the market for a while. Eric, what do you have in the $1,000 range that has a 25-30 mph speed range?
  9. Okay, so the V10F is off the market for at least 2 weeks. So back to shopping I go. The Z10 is interesting, but the board failures are not giving me warm fuzzies.
  10. You're right. I'm actively looking. If Jason (not from ewheels) ever get's his kitchen appliances I'll probably get his v10F. He need the appliances for the cardboard to ship it. He didn't keep the original box.
  11. Yeah, the deeper I looked into it the less likely I am to do it. The only thing available is MRN76's firmware and it only adds a couple of MPH. I have my eyes on a V10F if the guy ever gets something to ship it in
  12. I bought a used Ninebot One E+ because I didn't want to spend $2,000 on something I'm going to tear up on the pavement learning to use. I was right. One of the complaints anybody would have on this is the speed. I found a speed hack firmware update for the S1 but is there any that will do something similar to the E+? I'm not looking for 40 or 45 kph on this thing, but 28-30 would be a nice boost from the 18 kph it came with. Note: I'm aware any mods are at risk and could potentially damage the wheel and cause an accident or even a lithium fire.
  13. Since I can't message you, could you email on Price? Liv2xplore@comcast.net
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