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  1. Hi guys, I am trying to decide what wheel to purchase that would be best for me. Currently I ride Mten3 just for fun around the neighborhoods in my area for 30- 40 minutes at a time. No plans for commuting. I weigh about 150 geared up and don't foresee the need for a lot of speed but would like to be able to cruise at 30mph with headroom. I don't ride in bad weather so water resistance isn't my top priority. My dilemma is I have never ridden any other wheel so my experience is pretty slim. I feel I would like an 18" wheel but not sure how close a 16" like the v12 would compare. I was an
  2. It was the same for me while first learning. I felt like a NASCAR driver.
  3. I recieved my first wheel a couple weeks ago and mounting is the hardest part for me.I found a big empty parking area that had a 12' handrail along edge to practice. Then I would park my truck with tailgate down about 20' away to give me a goal and something to hold on to when I got there. As I could not turn yet. I am just now practicing mounting.I just wanted to send out a word of encouragement from one beginner (and Mainer )to another. Keep at it as the feeling of gliding is very rewarding.
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