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  1. Thanks mrelwood, that’s actually cool, I would like to do that too. but the annoying beeps I’m talking about may need to have a hardware adjustment performed, like unplugging the beeper from the main board or something. Which is annoying because I don’t want to have to open it up yet. I wish King Song would just make it possible to turn it off in the app.
  2. Hi! I am a very noob member from far north-east Australia (Cairns) and I just got my first EUC! Its just the 16X. After the little practice I’ve had, I’m loving it and looking forward to mastering it soon. But... is there any way to turn off the unnecessary BEEPS that this wheel makes all the time?! It’s horrible! I’m not talking about speed warnings obviously- I’m no where near reaching that yet. I’m talking about the annoying beeps every time I turn it on and off and do anything in the app. It’s insanely loud and annoying to everyone around me. It even woke us all up in the middle of the night when it finished charging and decided to turn itself on! Maybe it was asking for a midnight snack?
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