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  1. Yes I found the website to be confusing as well, I wanted the M.S.S but I'm going to go with the monster from ewheels I think.
  2. Very happy with all of your responses and its looking like I will be getting 2 wheels within the next year, haha thanks again.
  3. hey guys I'm ready for a 100v euc with range. And I'm not sure about which one to choose. Think Its come down to Nik+, high-speed msp, or ovcourse the monster. If any of you have been able to ride one or more of these let me know what you think. I would like to keep maintenance to a minimum but I know eventually they all need to be opened up. Mobility isn't a big factor, im on the 1st floor, has anyone gone over 40 mph, on any of these wheels? Thanks
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