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  1. I started with a Tesla for my first wheel. Came in July 1st and like you, for the first couple days I thought I was getting nowhere. Hyperextended my finger in my first fall on day two and it swelled up like it was a banana. Two days later on the 4th, I managed to do a loop around the parking lot I had been practicing in, and that was my longest run by far at the time. I also fell and sprained my shoulder (would have been much worse without my gear, put a crack in my helmet and scraped the hell out of my wristguards and elbow pad). It's now the 11th - I have a new helmet and my shoulder still is recovering, but I just got back from my first 5-mile bike path ride. Had to stop and rest for about 5 minutes twice along the ride to rest my feet and my thighs, but man, so fun. I haven't had the nerve to try riding in the streets yet, aside from the low-traffic streets of my own neighborhood. Haven't raised my tiltback above 20mph yet either, so been riding at mostly 15-16mph. So still learning, but looking back and realizing it's only been 10 days, and I thought I was never going to get it. Looking forward to seeing how much better I get as I go.
  2. Well, it arrived. First night trying to figure it out has not been encouraging. Feel like I made zero progress. But I am determined
  3. My timing is so bad. Chompin' at the bit for the Teslas to restock on ewheels. Hoping it'll be soon, pretty excited
  4. My concern with speed is only based on what I've been able to find about the laws in Missouri for euc's. They're not mentioned at all, so I'm assuming they are policed in the same category as electric scooters, which aren't allowed on sidewalks here, and only allowed on roads where they can reach the speed limit. Even little residential roads have a 30mph speed limit in my town, so I need a wheel that can reach 30 or else I really can't ride it anywhere. I'm not a speed demon, and would probably ride much slower than that if there were no cops around, but I'd need it to have three capability to hit 30 if I wanted to be legal. As for the 18xl, it's definitely one I'm eyeing for later on, but I can only afford around 1500 right now, so the Tesla seems like the right fit for me for starters. Course, today was the day I was going to go ahead and pull that trigger, and today's the day ewheels ran out of Teslas, so I have to wait til they restock anyways
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it, which is why I'm willing to take the plunge. I probably should get one of the higher end wheels right off, but I figure I'll want a second eventually, for teaching and to shake things up, so might as well bang up my eventual backup learning, and get the good one once I know I can handle it. See, 25 or 30 is not bad at all. They have to have some kind of measures in place to keep you from riding them to zero and injuring yourself. I thought they were all throttled at 50% just by rote, and that seemed silly. Maybe I will consider a kingsong then.
  6. I think the chances I won't like it are slim to none, really. It looks so fun. But since I've no way to try one, I have to admit it's possible. I'm not opposed to it at all, especially for my first wheel, but I couldn't find anything on Craigslist anywhere near my area, and didn't see any posts on this forums selling section near me. I don't think Missouri has really discovered these yet. Maybe I'll start something
  7. Hi, I'm Zulix. I recently became aware of EUCs after falling down a YouTube rabbit-hole doing research on the OneWheel. I say "become aware" when I should say "become obsessed." For months, I've been watching every YouTube vid I can find, reading articles, and I've just found this forum, which seems like it will be a great resource as well. EUCs seem just better in every way to the OneWheel, except maybe in the initial learning curve learning to ride. I've decided I'm going to get one. But at their prices, it's a significant chunk of change for me, so I'm agonizing over getting the right wheel. I live in Springfield, Missouri. There is no EUC community here. There's not really any PEV's at all in my town. I think I found an article in my local paper from about a year back about a lady who rides one here, but I've never seen her. There's one older lady in my neighborhood that rides a hoverboard occasionally to the nearby gas station, but I've never really spoken to her, as she gives off a super-methy aura. So I've never seen an EUC in person, and sadly have no way to try one to see if I'm going to like it before pulling the trigger on one myself. So, given that I'll be taking a chance I won't actually enjoy it once I get one, I figure it's best to start small and not go for the top-of-the-line models right away - Limit my loss if I end up not being as into it as it feels like I will be. I'm 6'0" and weigh about 220lbs. I fluctuate, but 220lbs is about where I cap out, and I figure it's best to budget for the worst-case. Most of the less-expensive starter wheels (KS 14D, Inmotion V8) either cannot support my weight, or I'm on the very top end of what they can handle, leaving not enough wiggle room for safety gear and carrying stuff with me (I intend to commute to work and run errands with my wheel, so I wanna leave room in the weight-budget for me to carry maybe 30-40lbs of stuff). So the lower-end is out, just `cuz I'm a larger guy. Probably best, because I'd like a wheel with room to grow into if I like the hobby before I have to buy another one. So I'm mostly eyeing the mid-range wheels, the Inmotion V10F, The King Song 16s, and the Gotway Tesla. All more than I'd like to spend on an experiment I don't know if I'll love or not, but better than plunking down $2000, then not liking it. If I like it as much as it seems like I will, I might save up for one of the big fellas. I've learned that KingSong throttles your speed with a whole half of your battery remaining, and I don't like the vocal warnings KS wheels give. I'd rather beeps, or better yet, sounds I could set up myself. And throttling at 50% seems way way too early. I understand it's for safety reasons, but I'd rather the wheel stay at peak performance as long as it can. The KS wheels all seem the strongest on paper, but those two items turn me off to the whole brand. Inmotion, very few people talk about. The community, at least on YouTube, seems to favor KingSong and Gotway. So Gotway seems best to me. I'm leaning towards the Tesla v2. It has the most weight support in its price range, decent range and speed, what looks like Gotway's only tolerable trolley handle. What do you guys think?
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