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  1. So I got my first wheel (Tesla V2) on July 1st and have been riding (almost) daily since, minus a couple days i took off to recover from injuries sustained learning and one rain day. At first, it didn't seem like foot position mattered, but as I ride for longer and longer distances now, I find it's HUGE, and even the slightest deviation makes the ride slightly uncomfortable and makes me feel off-balance. I can still ride through a bad foot placement, and can (sometimes) adjust on the fly, as long as it's only my left foot that's wrong. If my right foot is wrong, I'm pretty much stuck with i
  2. I started with a Tesla for my first wheel. Came in July 1st and like you, for the first couple days I thought I was getting nowhere. Hyperextended my finger in my first fall on day two and it swelled up like it was a banana. Two days later on the 4th, I managed to do a loop around the parking lot I had been practicing in, and that was my longest run by far at the time. I also fell and sprained my shoulder (would have been much worse without my gear, put a crack in my helmet and scraped the hell out of my wristguards and elbow pad). It's now the 11th - I have a new helmet and my shoulder s
  3. Well, it arrived. First night trying to figure it out has not been encouraging. Feel like I made zero progress. But I am determined
  4. My timing is so bad. Chompin' at the bit for the Teslas to restock on ewheels. Hoping it'll be soon, pretty excited
  5. My concern with speed is only based on what I've been able to find about the laws in Missouri for euc's. They're not mentioned at all, so I'm assuming they are policed in the same category as electric scooters, which aren't allowed on sidewalks here, and only allowed on roads where they can reach the speed limit. Even little residential roads have a 30mph speed limit in my town, so I need a wheel that can reach 30 or else I really can't ride it anywhere. I'm not a speed demon, and would probably ride much slower than that if there were no cops around, but I'd need it to have three capability t
  6. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it, which is why I'm willing to take the plunge. I probably should get one of the higher end wheels right off, but I figure I'll want a second eventually, for teaching and to shake things up, so might as well bang up my eventual backup learning, and get the good one once I know I can handle it. See, 25 or 30 is not bad at all. They have to have some kind of measures in place to keep you from riding them to zero and injuring yourself. I thought they were all throttled at 50% just by rote, and that seemed silly. Maybe I will consider a kingsong the
  7. I think the chances I won't like it are slim to none, really. It looks so fun. But since I've no way to try one, I have to admit it's possible. I'm not opposed to it at all, especially for my first wheel, but I couldn't find anything on Craigslist anywhere near my area, and didn't see any posts on this forums selling section near me. I don't think Missouri has really discovered these yet. Maybe I'll start something
  8. Hi, I'm Zulix. I recently became aware of EUCs after falling down a YouTube rabbit-hole doing research on the OneWheel. I say "become aware" when I should say "become obsessed." For months, I've been watching every YouTube vid I can find, reading articles, and I've just found this forum, which seems like it will be a great resource as well. EUCs seem just better in every way to the OneWheel, except maybe in the initial learning curve learning to ride. I've decided I'm going to get one. But at their prices, it's a significant chunk of change for me, so I'm agonizing over getting the r
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