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  1. SOLUTION for future. As a reminder, I had to replace my control board due to a software update failure (thanks a lot...). When the new board arrived from REVRides I was pleased that I received the updated board, v1.4. The trouble, however, is that nobody was able to advise me on the updated board and the differences in installation between v1.2 and v1.4. So I finally got some answers from KS. The cable labeled 'CHARGER PORT' below is on the original v1.2 board which connected to the outer shell's fuse housing. This has been updated in v1.4 so it is now redundant. This is board v1.4 and this small cable (in yellow) located near the battery cables was not identified by KS so I did not connect it to anything. I imagine it's a service cable of some sort but don't quote me. The two green circles are exactly the same so no difference there. As for the purple battery connectors, they have now been consolidated on v1.4 which may confuse some as they are clearly separated on v1.2. On v1.4 it DOES NOT matter which side goes to which battery as there is no identifier. HOWEVER I was told by KS that the batteries' charges do need to be within 0.5V of each other before connecting to the board. I simply charged the batteries separately and checked their status with an electrical tester. This was such a shitty experience for me and maddening that this all happened as a result of the already-accursed KS software. Just another victim of the same ol'shit. It took WAY too long to get a reply from KS about this and furthermore, REVRides had not even been sent any manuals with this updated information. Hopefully this helps someone else in the future. I'll curse KS here on my own as to not offend anyone. Is there a KS-trauma support group on FB? Peace
  2. These are my batteries and connectors. And they are connected with this cable: Any thoughts on the power connector?
  3. Hi Cody, Thanks for your response. The trouble I am having with the battery connectors is that they are now CROSS JOINED and it's not clear (to me) which plug should go to which side (Purple circles). I have no idea if these need to go to specific batteries or if they are interchangeable. Next the connector in the yellow circle is also unclear. Am I supposed to convert the 'T deans' power connector and connect it to the yellow circle? If so, how...? The cable is way to short to reach, and is on the opposite side of the power connection. FYI, all the green circle connections are easy to place. It's the others that are vague. Still NOTHING from Kingsong. It's been a week. Thanks again
  4. *EDITED: Solved below on last post. Thanks to @Cody and @RockyTop who chipped in with some thoughts. Hi everyone So my new control board for my 14S arrived today and the new one (v 1.4) is a little different to the original (v 1.2) so I’m looking for a little feedback. A) how do you differentiate between the two large battery cables? I’m having trouble figuring out which side goes where. I have looked on the board for any labels with no leads. b) The new board has two fuses that the old doesn’t have. ALSO the new board is missing the cable connecting to the shell fuse assembly. Do these fuses negate the need for the exterior fuse? The pic below is the cable on the 1.2 that is missing on the 1.4. C) On the 1.4 there is a small red connector and I don’t know what it’s for. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. hi again, I followed your instructions and was able to connect to the app while signed in. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to access wheel settings and the firmware didn’t download automatically. I appreciate your willingness to help with this. Looks like I might have to buy the main board. It was worth trying!
  6. Amazing! Thanks so much - I will give this a try in a few hours and post the results. Best
  7. I wondered that myself but after looking at the batteries it seems it is a 14S. The only difference between the two is the battery, and this wheel’s battery is from the 16S. https://ibb.co/Z6FfkLp Here is a shot of the board: The only sort of identifier I find on the top side is V1.2 and 170415 right, my trouble is that no stats whatsoever are being shown on any of the apps.
  8. Cheers Seba, I pm’d you but the dialogue says “Seba cannot receive messages.” Info is below: 14S serial: 518132. (Somehow I don’t think this is the number you’re looking for - there is a separate sticker under one of the pedals which has completely scratched away..) EUC World username: Vincencus BT address: C8:FD:19:58:FF:68. I also included a screenshot from SoftTuner which has what I think is a fragment of the serial number(?) (B356722C-4A1D-9EB5-7EC8-DDB22CA822...) Looking forward to hearing from you, and thanks again. v https://ibb.co/S5HdPdg https://ibb.co/QmDmRVr
  9. Hi, @Seba Wondering if you had any last golden tips as I’ve pretty much lost hope for a fix. Is there a way to get the app to fix the firmware without having to buy another board? cheers
  10. Thanks all, The wheel does spin freely. KS support replied this morning to say that I needed a control board O_o Thanks, I’ll check it out. Downloaded the new KS app yesterday too. Same results: no serial, no stats, and no ability to check and upgrade firmware.
  11. Joining this thread now for my first post. My 14S was bricked while updating firmware and I got that problem where a) Wheel didn’t turn off b) All white lights stayed in c) after disconnecting batteries now it isn’t turning on (unless button is held down) d) not registering on KS App, Darkness, SoftTuner, EUC World, or WheelLog. Have tried both iOS and Android. I hope to get my hands on the dev app since I didn't buy it through a dealer. Will post updates. Peace
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