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  1. rolauk

    ¿New app KINGSONG for IOS????

    Ah - there it is. Thats the message I get now after having a new motherboard installed at my dealer (my wheel had the shake-dance-issue). I am unable to change any speed settings, and I dont know what is going on. My supplier is checking with KingSong. Did you get this error after upgrading firmware - to 1.12? Are you able to change speed settings with another app? I am not able to. The new app gives this error immediately when I press speed setting (The vehicle is binded with other user, need to be unbinded and then apply for decode", the old app sends me to logon screen, and then says I need to check credentials. Other settings can be changed just fine. I hope they can fix this somehow. My wheel is set to 40kmh, which is fine by me, but - I might want to change this some day. And I would like to adjust the tiltback settings for a while, so that I know what it feels like. I did this before returning my wheel, and the tiltback is pretty sharp. I had problems standing on it when testing tiltback at 10kmh earlier. So - this is not something I want to experience at 40kmh. And - regarding speed settings. I have noticed that the reported speed (and range) on this wheel is off. I have seen reports of other users mentioning this as well. That need to be considered when setting tiltback speed on this wheel, because if you use some other tools for checking speed, you might get a surprise sooner than you expect. When my KingSong app reports im running at 23-24 kmh, my gps speed app (on my phone) says 20kmh...(roughly). I also compared a few test rides regarding range, and when my KingSong app says I have ridden 12.74 km, my GPS app says 10,41km. This is more than 20% off. I did some more range testing, and it seems to be pretty consistant. Otherwise I LOVE this wheel. :-) Almost perfect.
  2. rolauk

    Add speed lock to KingSong wheel?

    I also live in Norway, with 3 wheels. I have ridden for 3 years now, and have never had any issues. I think if you ride carefully and dont pass pedestrians at max speed, you should be just fine. I havent heard about anybody having any issues. I dont like all these youtube videos showing people riding like maniacs in traffic, sooner or later there will be accidents and these devices will get more attention.
  3. rolauk

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    This is what is great about the XL isnt it? With such a huge battery, you dont really have to check for battery levels so often. :-) But otherwise I agreee. And - if they use side leds to show battery, why the fork not use 10 leds? My first love (Ninebot One E+) had 10 leds. 2 leds = 20 %. Easy.
  4. Ok? I read about that but also that it did not work? I dont know - if it fixes the issue - then perfect! Mine had issues with bluetooth as well, but that works "ok" also now. However, I can not change speed settings with Darknessbot for IOS anymore. And my new KingSong app says "The veichle is binded with other user, need to be unbinded and then apply for decode" when I enter the speed settings with the app. Luckilly it is set at 40km/h so I might not need to bother about it.
  5. I had my new wheel shipped back to the supplier and they got a new motherboard from KingSong that now is installed. I have the wheel back and I am happy to say that it works just fine now. Tried moving it around inside as well, just to see if it still starts to shake - but nothing so far. I really hope there will be no more issues. I am not sure if this motherboard is any different from the other ones or if this one is just working as it should (since a lot of people have had no issues at all). Really sad that people should have this kind of issue on a very expensive wheel..
  6. rolauk

    KS18XL total mileage...

    My brand new XL is heading back for repairs, so just a couple of km on it, but I have a Z10 as well, and Im riding it as often as I can. Perfect for work - almost able to ride straight to my desk. By the way, isn´t the KingSong quite off on the trip counter? And speed? Have not checked this myself yet, but as far as I can remember from reviews it is off quite a bit.
  7. rolauk

    Kıngsong ks18xl bag

    Home made? Great work!
  8. rolauk

    Kıngsong KS18xl Easy to park after that

    Ninebot had a nice option for a stand:
  9. @Smoother - yes there is another thread, I just did not know about it at the time. Will try to keep bluetooth things in there. -> Bluetooth issues @US69 I bought the wheel in Norway, got the XL from their first delivery earlier this month. It would be nice to ship it back and have the motherboard replaced, but only if it fixes the issue. Otherwise the wheel feels great, and I would like to keep it.
  10. Have anyone changed the motherboard on this wheel - and still had the same problems afterwards (lockup or shaking)? I think I read that one of you had the motherboard changed, and no problems after? I also think I have read that KingSong does not have any sollution at the moment? Perhaps I do not remember correctly. My seller wants me to send the wheel back for motherboard replacement, but I am not sure it will fix it. As mentioned in a previous post, the wheel seems to work just fine (except problem connecting with app at the moment - and shaking when pushing indoors (sometimes)).
  11. Ok - thank you for your tips. I tried that app yesterday by the way, I read thru that other post that was linked to me and where you mentioned it. Could not find it, but I will try again, but first of all perhaps with an android phone. I know that none of the EUC apps, for any brand - is perfect. I sometimes struggle with the other wheels as well, that means - it disconnects. But never as difficult as this has become now. It did work fine before, so it is a little strange. I will try some more and see with my phone also. Btw, yes IOS is updated to latest version. I did not know that the new KingSong app would work if I set my phone to english. I see that it does - great! I will give it a test when I leave work. The wheel is bought in Norway.
  12. Thank you, but tried that already. I will try with another device (android phone) later today. :-)
  13. Yes, I turned bluetooth off in the app so that I would not have to listen to the woman speaking in chineese, telling me to slow down (I think). That womans voice audio appeared after that (I think). Perhaps that why I cant find it as an audio source anymore either? Guess so. But - still no luck connecting to it. Weird if it is only the app, because I had no problem finding and connecting to it before yesterday. It was unstable, yes - but I could just connect again. Now, I only see the wheel one of every ten time I test - and only in the Darknessbot app. I managed to connect - got two beeps - but then it disconnected again, and I could not connect again. Aaargh. Luckilly I did switch from the 10km/h speed setting I was testing at first. I will give it another try with a friends android phone and see if that works, later. Anybody knows how to get the male voice in english instead of chineese lady - for the speed alerts? If possible at all? Did not see any settings for this while the app was working. The newest app for IOS is unusable for me as I dont speak chineese. I could not get that to connect either, but do not know what to press either. Also tried reinstalling the kingsong-new app - but still same, same. Cant say that I am happy with this purchase. I started with Ninebot One E+, and this is my fifth wheel. Never spent this much money on a wheel before, and never had this many issues either. But - my seller will have to fix this or give me my money back.
  14. That must be it :-) Tried force-quit several times, but that did not help. How come I had a ladys voice as alert when going over my set speed? I could not understand a word of what she was saying. Weird stuff. I even rebooted my phone just now, no help either. I heard the males voice one time - and from then on, only the woman (when powering on). Can not see the wheel anymore, I dont get it. Not with Kingsong app and not with Darknessbot either. Is there a way to reset this, besides unplugging the batteries?
  15. Yesterday after testing my wheel, I tried to log on with the app to see what distance I rode, but was unable to connect. I did not have time to keep trying, but gave it another shot today. I am not able to. When starting the wheel, a male voice says "bluetooth is connected" and then a womans voice saying "blatooth is off". What does this mean? When testing the wheel outside, I set the alarms very low to see how the tiltback works, and then I had a womans voice telling me to slow down in "chineese" (I think). I was able to connect with the app (IOS, app named "Kingsong-New", not the newer "Kingsong_New" that is all in chineese. I turned off bluetooth and music, and only had beeps instead. I was able to connect again (but very unstable) to read my speed and so on. I also tried using the app called Darknessbot, and sometimes I see my wheel - but then it dissappears before I can connect. So - I believe bluetooth is not really turned off, right? If it was turned off - is there a way to turn it on again? Like, triple press the powerbutton or something? I guess there could be some kind of disturbance around where I live, but I can connect to other things with bluetooth just fine - even my Gotway wheel, and my Ninebot. Update: Took the wheel outside, pushed it for a couple of minutes - tried to connect, turn bluetooth of and on (on my phone), no other bluetooth devices around - could not find the wheel at all. And - now, there is only a woman saying "blatooth is off" - the male voice is not there anymore (where has he gone).... No wheel is perfect (yet), but if these issues would have been fixed, it would be very close.