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  1. Tnks for all of you! I truly appreciate your help! About weight. It's important but I'm wondering if I can use the carry handle to help me like @Preston Palmer say. The straits factor is important cause I will need to handle it for some time, so I don't want a very difficult thing to carry. Otherwise this situation will be for a couple of months, since I will need move when bring my dogs from Brazil. @mike_bike_kite not have any storage space here, but maybe my neighbors don't mind if I use a little space at the first floor since the wheel is not too big like a bicycle or something. I will think about it. @AtlasP yep 3d floor without elevator it's not the best but moved from Brazil to Portugal 8 months ago, so still rebuilding my life. I will take some time this weekend to think about all those aspects.
  2. Thanks man. I really appreciate you insights. I will do more research about the 18xl. But here in Europe it's a but I didn't like so much the value X money here in Europe €2.5k Vs €1.8k of MSP 100V 1800wh and €1.6k of Nikola + (1800wh). Gotway seems to deliver more them others for money. Tnks man. You is the guy at EletricUnicycles YouTube channel I'm right? I already seen a lot of your videos great content. LOL. Thanks man! You and @Marty Backe made me change my mind. I'm ready to pull the trigger for MSP before deciding ask for help here at the forum. Now I'm seriously thinking at get the Nikola. But I'm had a busy day at work and need some time to think properly. About the bodyguard it's a very good tip. You know if they have worldwide deliver? I'm located in Lisbon/Portugal. I will put body guard in my buying list, with safety gear You guys are awesome. Tnks for your time!
  3. Hello folks, Thanks for the amazing content at this forum. Some background about why I choose EUC: With COVID situation at the world I start research an pratical alternative to commute, I love cars but it's no so pratical for city's, I think at an ebike, but I live at 3d floor an the building stairs are a little tight, so doing some research I discovered EUC word.. And I love what I seen. What is my goals: Something for comute, but I will love play off road too. Im a relative big 1,87m and 90kg I would like some good range. Speed it's not a main concern right now, because I'm a noob, but eventually could be. Doing my homework i think about two wheels who I think can fit at my needs: Nikola+: I think it's have a great range and seems to be a nice speed. MSP: I see a lot of videos and reviews and I love it. It's powerful, have a nice range too. So the real choose is between wheel size? Small size has less stability but more torque and handle I'm right? Breaks easy, make corners with less effort. Bigger wheel will give me comfort and stability. Please help me to figure if I'm right about my thoughts. And give me some tips. Thanks for your time and congrats about amazing EUC community.
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