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  1. well, the wheel looks and preforms like a high end wheel should. It looks way better in real life compared to photos and YouTube videos. With that being said, my previous wheel was tiny and slow and switching to this wheel feels like switching from a 125cc scootet to a 1200cc BMW GS if you know what i mean.... and to be honest i am literary scared to ride this wheel, it is huge and vert high from the ground, I feel like i am learning to ride all over again, I hope i will be able to tame this beast.
  2. nope, doesn't work. all I could get is my phone to vibrate at 32mph, no beeps or sound from the wheel or from my phone I also tried to connect hearbuds and headphones and still no sound.
  3. I have tried that but, then there are no alarms at all.... it seems like my wheel doesn't respond to the app at all. I have turned off the alarms from the gotway app and then I have set the alarams on eucw app and there were no beeps at all... maybe because it is free spinning and not actually riding on the road?
  4. Hi, so I just got my new MSX. I tried to set it's speed alarm to beep only at 32mph via euc world app but, when I lift it and get it to 32 mph to test if it works, the wheel starts to beep at 23mph... any idea why? or even better, can someone please tell me how to set it so it's only beeps at 32mph. thanks. Btw, in the app: high priority is set to 32mph medium priority set to 62mph low priority set to 62 mph.
  5. Hi Marty, I just ordered my 84v 1600w MSX, should I too keep it below 90 amps or the 90 apms is for the 100v, thanks.
  6. Ok, after hearing what you all said, while the reasonable choice for my needs was the 18xl, I just couldn't give up on the MSX so, I just ordered the 84V 1600W MSX from Ewheels. I hope I will not regret it . Thanks everyone for helping me out, I really appreciate it.
  7. Thank you for your reply. Well said, Now i will pick the 18xl for sure, Thank you.
  8. Thank you for the reply. I guess you are right, the 18xl has the impression of the best overall wheel and the best commuter wheel and because my main use of it will be commuting and less offroad, it is reasonable to go for the 18xl. something also tells me that I will have more than one wheel anyway so... yea... i guess I will strat with the 18xl thanks again.
  9. Hi guys, I am having a hard time choosing between ks18xl and gw msx 84v. My main concerns are: 1. build quality 2. reliability 3. commuting in the rain. **Please note: I live in a place where there are alot of hills and it is raining a lot. I really like the looks of the msx but, I am afraid it will not survive for long time. After Watching videos and researching about the 2 wheels, It is seems that the ks18xl is the wheel to go to for me but, the msx is the wheel I want... What do you guys think? what wheel should I get?
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