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  1. That's good to hear as the quick acceleration of the V5F was my favorite part (and likely what led me to overworking it). I plan on bringing the speed limit of my 16S down a bit in the app so that I can cruise at max without worrying about overworking the motor.
  2. Thank you everyone for your replies! My wheel is currently with a friend who offered to look into it for me, whenever he sends me pictures of the board I will upload them here. In the meantime I got stir crazy and went ahead and pulled the trigger on a new King Song 16S so I at least have that to look forward to. Hopefully the V5F is still easily repairable but in any case I'll probably be looking to sell it.
  3. @RockyTop Assuming it is a MOSFET issue how would I go about getting a replacement? I've found boards for sale but its a bit more money than I'd like to spend fixing it if all I need is one little component.
  4. @RockyTop as much as I would love my money back I think I'm realizing the issue was most likely my own fault. In reading more about EUC's and particularly the Glide 2 I think I was just pushing it too hard, frequently hitting the tilt back warning and riding aggressively. The previous owner bought the wheel used from InMotion and was upfront about putting it through quite a beating before it got to me so who really knows how old the battery is. My wheel is spinning quite sluggishly which I've read indicates a MOSFET (sp?) failure usually from overworking the EUC. Is that something that can be fixed with a power cycle or would a new board be required? I have an electronics savvy friend going to take a good look at the inside within a few days but I'm already considering just buying a nicer wheel. I was hesitant to drop a bunch of money on a new hobby but after my first week with that wheel I feel bit with the bug, these things are just too cool!
  5. So I got a Solowheel Glide 2 (aka InMotion V5F) off of eBay about a week ago. Its quite beat up but worked just fine until today and now it won't power on. Yesterday I had a pretty decent crash but was able to turn it back on and ride home without issue. I charged it to full upon returning and unplugged it overnight to avoid overcharging. This morning when I went to turn it on it started up for a split second then immediately died. Now the power button does nothing. I held the reset button for a while and got nothing. It also doesn't light up or respond when plugged in to the charger although the charger turns red to indicate its working. In tipping the wheel around I can hear that something is moving inside, my hope is that I just jostled something loose and can fix it myself as without a warranty I imagine this thing is basically totalled if I have to send it in. This is my first wheel and I have no idea where to start with troubleshooting. I would appreciate any ideas on how to go about opening it up or if anyone has any first hand experience working on this model.
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