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  1. So the reliability of 16x is actually bad even after extra weatherproofing+bodyguard? 18 XL is more expensive so some extra work wth 16x is not a problem. But if it's still significantly less reliable I have to seriosuly consider XL. For courier work I expect my wheel to last tens of thousands of km's.
  2. Nobody driving in winter huh. I thought it's the best time of the year
  3. That's why I was talking about winter. This is when the 10% or whatever difference in stability means a lot. Even when the battery of XL is only ~10% better I would go with 16x here.
  4. Yes I have. They sell them here. What I really care about about is WINTER . The more usable wheel in winter is the more PRACTICAL! one. It's snowing in Europa. 16x has the wide tire here I expect it to be better. XL wins with range doesn't it ? How big is the difference ? (%)
  5. How it's more practical compared to more compact and manuverable 16x?
  6. Nice I am also considering GPRS tracker against theft and leave it downstairs instead. Doors are automatically locked with codes pretty much evrywhere.
  7. Considering EUC with big backback for part time courier job to earn few extra $ and have fun at the same time. This combined with my personal rides translates into HUGE weekly/monthly range often more than 100km(~60+miles) in a single day. Right now I am still thinking about modified 16x ( +extra weatherproofing) as it seems to be the most balanced options of them all. After fixing the water issue at least.
  8. Hi! Never ridden ECU in my life before. Will test drive 16x tomorrow tho. I heard it's fine for beginner and actually faster to learn cuz of stability of wide tire and lower top speeds. I am not interested of super high speeds anyway since it requires wearing full motorcycle gear all the time. What really puts my off that wheel is that I also heard its not that weatherproof. I am living in North Europe and just destroyed my hub-engined electric skateboard not long time ago.
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