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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I wrapped the EUC up with foam while I wait for the cover. I been riding whenever I have a chance. Love it! Already able to navigate narrow paths but still need to improve not wobbling as much when turning or at low speeds.
  2. Thanks for all the advice. I got good news. Had time yesterday to practice. I was finally able to ride for a bit on grass but I wasn't able to sustain on grass for long. It was like trying to stay on a bull lol. Grass wasn't short like a real soccer field so there were a lot of dips where I would get caught and lose balance. Pretty much the landscape was dictating where I go (a bump will cause me to turn). Before I had to head home, I decided to risk on asphalt (figured I can jump off in time to catch the EUC before it falls on asphalt) I guess it was good I started on grass because I was able to immediately ride on asphalt with control! Also ordered a v8 cover off ebay (i hope its the official cover or at least a good enough knockoff and that it will arrive in 2-3 weeks from china). Both of my calf area has slight minor bruises so I also need the cover cushioning for comfort (I was clamping tightly for dear life on grass. a lot more relaxed on asphalt haha). I just wrapped the EUC up with a bunch of styrofoam and tape to get it ready for more riding over the weekend!
  3. I just picked up a used inmotion v8 yesterday. The v8 has some minor scratches but overall in pretty good shape. I don't want to scratch it up further so I am planning to either buy the official v8 neoprene cover ($55 is expensive! Put all my budget into getting the EUC already...) or put on the baby proof foam protection (probably buy from amazon for faster delivery). But I am too excited to get started so I slapped on thick foam tape lying around and went out to practice. I ski/snowboard and was a pretty fast learner when I started. However, EUC is hard! I think one thing holding me back is fear of scratching the v8 before I properly put protection on it (I also can't find my snowboard wristpads, knee pads after cleaning the basement. So I was a little concerned about not having those 2 areas protected. Was wearing a helmet and motorcycle jacket w/ some armor today). I decided to go to a highschool track & field area. I started off riding on grass along a fence. I notice the v8 is slow on grass and I feel like I am pressing pretty hard on my toes (also leaning forward). The grass is not sports field short but not high either. IS THAT NORMAL? So I guess it is not a good idea to practice on grass? I figured I would ride on grass since grass cushions the EUC when it falls on it (I also see ppl on youtube starting on grass). I also paired the v8 to the phone app and I set the speed to 14 miles and hr. I am also sure the v8 is working properly because the previous owner demoed it in front of me and when i lifted it up without pressing the handle button, the wheel spun pretty fast. Next I tried riding on a single lane rubber track where ppl do long jump (doesn't seem to damage the EUC when it's dropped on the rubber surface. But no fence next to the rubber track...). I always start off with my right foot on the v8 then lift my left foot onto the left pedal. But when both feet are on the v8, I am not moving forward much so I lose balance. I tried kicking the EUC (kind of like electric scooters needing a push first to accelerate) then getting my left foot on the EUC but I can never stay on long (partly because the rubber track is too narrow). I am going to get up early and head to the big running track when no one is around to see if I can learn to balance in a bigger space. I also tried tying a belt to the v8 handle to better catch the v8 when I lose balance and jump off. But the belt seem to press the handle button when I am holding onto the belt and getting on the EUC. Anybody else ran into that problem? Anyways, i think this is going to take weeks lol but can't wait for when I can finally ride it!
  4. I am interested and I can do local pickup in NYC. I am a new member so the site say's I am not allowed to send a direct message yet? Please sent me a message if you are able to because I have some questions. Thanks.
  5. I am also located in NYC. I been looking for a starter wheel. Please message me when you want to sell the ninebot wheel. Figured I will follow up on this thread to see if you found a replacement.
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