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  1. I've been waiting for some feedback on this. I have not been able to make any sense of the split mode, either the numbers (both negative and up to 200%), and getting it to work. I have the updated firmware, but when I have set split mode, it always resets to a negative number when I re-check the values. I ended up turning split mode off, and have left the wheel at 100% sensitivity along with 'off road' mode. This seems to be close to a hard mode? But honestly not entirely sure
  2. I'm no expert, but I think you want these 21700 for improved power delivery (potential) over the 18650s used in the Sherm. I haven't gotten satisfactory explanation for my observations, but on EUC world app my Sherman has far more battery sag than my EX.N. Sherm will sag up to 25% at higher speeds, meaning at 90% battery at rest, I'll see 65% when going 35mph+. On my EX.N? there is very little battery sag at high speed, between 5-10%. I fully admit this may have to do with firmware or how the app is receiving data (maybe battery/motor combination also plays a role?). But
  3. imo that website has a lot of issues - reviews? not really one of them that website needed re-design the second it was originally published. now? it's kinda a disgrace
  4. 100% - that medium/small rock hit square was on me
  5. there really needs to be a video showing exactly how to properly shim the S18 tire to proper angle/position.
  6. Both, but seems like going off Volts gives better specific data.
  7. I've been riding the EX.N for the last couple weeks and have some questions. the EX.N rides hotter than my other wheels, but once it gets around 150F(65C) - It just kinda sits there unless I'm really stressing the wheel on a hill or something. My take is the wheel just runs hotter, but not in a bad way? Does the EX.N have more torque than the RS speed with the same motor? If so, how? What Exactly *technically, is the difference. Higher power delivery from the batteries? The EX.N has very little battery sag when riding at high speed - far less than the Sherman, at least in ho
  8. did you get (an email) notification to dremel out the ribs on the case? my understanding is the problem lies in damaging the battery BMS, that is part of the battery pack. apparently if the battery management system is damaged, that error message comes up. I also had to do a battery pack swap, and the damage came from setting the wheel on its side.
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