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  1. Can you do a range test at around 25mph?
  2. What kind of range does it get averaging ~20mph?
  3. Found how to lock it. Anyone know if there's a way to lock other Gotway wheels?
  4. You need to change your profile pic to the Energizer Bunny.
  5. Nice! They updated the Nikola design to cram more battery life into it. Think they were going to milk the original Monster design forever, but now they are updating it thanks to competition from the Sherman. The new Monster Pro is gonna be lit. I don't want to keep veering off topic, so let's leave this discussion here.
  6. Ok. Thanks. I have no idea why Gotway didn't mount the board on top. You would think they would have by now, after all these years.
  7. Can you please explain to me how a 1554wh 18XL gets the same range as a 2100wh Nikola?
  8. Yeah, but I read somewhere that they changed the charger for Monster V2 and subsequent models. I can't find the forum thread right now.
  9. Anyone know if this will work on the 84v Monster V1? I read somwwhere that they changed the plug for V2, but I'm not sure. https://www.ewheels.com/product/ewheels-84-2v-rapid-chargers/
  10. It's dialing into the mothership. One day you will be abducted by the Ninebots, and you will be assimilated.
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