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  1. I've just fitted this to my MSP, with a little bit of sanding it runs really smooth! I was running my stock MSP tyre at low PSI, around 25, to prevent skittishness on gravel mainly. You guys seem to be talking about using really high tyre pressure, I have this one set up at about 31 and its like a rock, no give at all. Is it really necessary to have such rock hard pressure?
  2. A long, rough edit of a group ride in the Forest of Deane in the UK, arranged by Ian at speedyfeet.co.uk There was about 25 of us I think!
  3. Hey! I know this is for a different model but just wanted to check. This doesn’t seem true with my MSP, if I set Soft mode in the old Gotway app, then switch to the new one it knows. So the MSP at least broadcasts the mode. I guess this changed at some point.
  4. I’ll see if I can find someone selling the wheel with no battery then I think... Thanks for replies!
  5. I’ve not seen a lot of noise about the 2000W MSP speed version, but from what I can find the specs are identical except for the motor. I have the 2500W torque version but am discovering that at times I’m hitting 5 beeps without really pushing it and would feel more comfortable with a little overhead. Would it simply be a case of take the battery out of my wheel and putting it into the battery-less shell of the speed version? Or would you just try and source the 2000W motor and swap that instead?
  6. I agree with your theory, hence my comment in the original post, but clearly somehow they do know and this does happen, to Chooch, on a number of occasions as recorded on his channel 🤷
  7. I managed to get a freeze frame and it looks bang on 45 from that, then it just falls forward. He has a video of the exact same thing on MSX where he complains quite a lot about it
  8. Absolutely wouldn’t happen on a flat surface, I tested it and the pedals hit the ground very firmly before cutoff. But on a banked turn it would be really easy to hit 45 degrees.
  9. I’m glad I saw this before I tried my MSP on the local BMX track! I’m too stupid to understand how the wheel knows it’s at a 45 degree angle with the forces involved going around a banked bend, but I’m in no hurry to experience it myself. I guess there’s no mitigation for this? Just don’t do banked turns I guess...
  10. It gets even more interesting when it comes to discharging! Battery percentages according to apps (from memory): New Gotway app (iOS): 0% Old Gotway app (iOS): 50% Darknessbot: 45% EUC world: 44% Wheellog: 40% Somewhere between 40-50% feels about right given my distance today, but WTF is with the new Gotway app showing 0%?!
  11. I've done quite a lot of riding today (day 4) and thought I'd post a village loop video.
  12. What gave it away? Also, using media mod.
  13. Thanks! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it at all. Yeah, it’s a hero 8. I wasn’t brave enough to GoPro my village riding but will next time I think!
  14. Thanks, was about 5 minutes in maybe? I wouldn’t say I’m particularly better at getting on the thing than my first few tries, I need to spend dedicated start/stop training time instead of zooming about the village.
  15. Another thing I was going to say, as a beginner I think being fully geared up gives you a bit more confidence to just say “f**k it” and go for it. If I wasn’t fully geared up there’s no way I’d have been as assertive with getting on and pushing forward.
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