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  1. Berty

    18L Group Buy?

    Count me in.
  2. On the last week of December I drove my fully charged KS16 (840Wh, fw 1.23) for a 4.3 km (2.7mi) to have a drink with my friends. BTW everything happened outside. That evening it was -4 degrees Celsius (24.8 degrees Fahrenheit). In no time four hours passed by - enough for batteries to cool down. On a way home the wheel was performing as usual. Despite the cold it had no problems with inclines and I am 88kg (194 pounds). Half way back I was riding full speed (29-30km/h) on a flat road when I accidently drove into the small hole. The wheel immediately stopped balancing and I crashed hard. Aftermath could be much worse: Few scratches, broken shoulder and ongoing physiotherapy. I have good chances for full recovery in a year time. I could have: predicted the batteries will not perform and drive slower, taken my headlight with me and avoid the small hole, gone with the car, but I did not. I am sorry. I hope my experience can prevent an accident or two.
  3. Berty

    New KS16 firmware - 1.23

    I tested with the same settings (0/0/30/30). Prior to upgrade I deliberately went for a short ride (3Km) and repeated the same ride after upgrade. The only difference was that on the second run the batteries made those 3Km from previous ride. I will test that again with full batteries. But to my understanding the max speed is reduced to 25Km/h when batteries are at 50%. Am I wrong? Also observing the KingSong App, the beeping starts now at ~28Km/h not ~29Km/h as before.
  4. Berty

    New KS16 firmware - 1.23

    I upgraded from 1.20 to 1.23 today. I can confirm that the wheel runs much smoother now. Did any of you guys noticed that with version 1.23 the wheel beeps and tilts back sooner (~1.5Km/h) than before? Can anybody share 1.20 firmware?
  5. Hi all! Today my KS16 fw1.20 folded on me to. I usually don't do take off from standstill but today I did. It actually did not fold completely because I managed to step down with one leg. Berty
  6. Berty

    The KS16 Firmware Thread

    I successfully upgraded my KS16 from 1.15 to 1.20 with iOS app. I did use a flight mode as a precaution. Progress bar went to 100% and as in a @SeabirdHH's case i did not receive any message for process being finished. After a minute or so I switched off and then on again. I also noticed that the app needs to be restarted. The wheel appears to be working (as I did not took time to learn how to ride it - yet )