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  1. I learned on a v5f luckily, not some older wheel, but I think I wouldn't have learned to ride if it was swinging front and back too much. After all, it is supposed to keep me level, that's why it is a self balancing vehicle, yet it feels like it cannot do that. Nobody calls hardmode suicide mode, yet many call soft mode that, new or veteran people alike, so why is that? hardmode just gives much more confidence and trust in the wheel that it can actually keep you level. When you are turning I think you are past this period so you can't know how turning feels like.
  2. It is an aid, yes, but it sure does not feel like one when you are new to it, it just feels like it wants to throw you to the ground instead of keeping you leveled.
  3. Yeah, most likely I wouldn't even be able to tell the which mode I'm in at the moment, they are both just solid, if it was real softmode you would be swinging around 10 degrees(or more, couldnt really measure) front and back, like you are in a boat in a storm. Also, dipping in turns have nothing to do with the mode, that is a calibration problem, unless you are accelerating or braking in the turn, but then again, its the RS.
  4. I agree with that, but would you feel safer on a very loose surface, or a very stable surface? I think the answer is obvious. Would be nice to test it with people who have never stood on an EUC to give them both for a minute and decide what they prefer, but I really don't see why would they ever choose softmode.
  5. I think you guys fell right into our trap This is why I say that wheels nowadays don't really have soft mode, what you think it is, is really just a less hard mode. if you have a pre2018 gotway wheel or the old kingsong 18s (Unfortunately,I don't have much experience with these older wheels, but I remember a similar feeling on them) or the V11 now, you would feel what soft mode really is and I'm pretty sure if you put a new rider on it they would be so so much more scared than if you put them on hardmode first. It gives the impression of a weak wheel that can't even keep the pedals bala
  6. very true, everytime they step on my v11 they say it is in suicide mode and they can't do anything on it I love watching them struggle with acceleration, braking and hills and cry for pads instead of just using this mode and enjoy all the free power. In the end it doesn't matter, because they will never learn to use it, it is not the "normal" way of how EUCs should work. I remember when I started riding I did not understand you with your softmode obsession, but I never really had a chance to really get into it, because as you said, wheels these days just don't have this mode, only some s
  7. I loved all these wheels a year ago(16x,18xl,nikola), now I don't see any reason to choose them over the V11, although if you think size and weight might be a problem just stick with the v10f, if the range is sufficient.
  8. little off topic, but have you tried the V11 soft mode yet? (comfort mode, 0% sensitivity) I feel like I am alone who likes this extreme swinging type of riding, I wonder what is your opinion about this.
  9. Bad riding habits as in not riding with bent knees and going faster than you probably should, because the suspension just makes everything easy. I noticed this on myself as well, even if I had many many wheels before. About the fragility, the V11 has many layers of plastic and a metal base instead of just one plastic layer like in most wheels. Obviously you can destroy any wheel, if you do it just right.
  10. Interesting. The reason why I use and like the flypads more than powerpads is the free movement and that they do not lock you in much at all. I probably use it higher than most people though, not jumping much (still possible with it) but good for acceleration and very good for braking.
  11. It happened to me as well. It's fine just try a couple of times a day, it will work eventually
  12. How could you mistake tiltback to braking assist?? You clearly know if you are accelerating or decelerating, I can't understand how would you not. I highly doubt there would be anything that defeats tiltback and I never experienced it either. Nice graph, Rawnei. I knew it the max tiltback has to be 10 degree, I guessed right . Seems like you are right about the tiltback being less at high speeds, I don't know why that is needed and I would like it to behave the same way at all speeds, if nothing else, for consistency and reliability.
  13. Yes, what you say is true, I had the same results. I like to think of the horns as a redundant safety warning but not the major safety feature, that is the tiltback. I sure wouldn't want to listen to it every second though, maybe this was their idea as well? I remember I read a lot of complaints about the sudden tiltback so maybe thats why they made it slower? I Think it is still a bad idea to accelerate aggressively at max speed, which is the only scenario the slower tiltback could cause problems, which is still easy to feel even at the start. (at least for me) What I'm still intere
  14. Just look up threads on this forum, you will find many many cases of 16x crashes between 28-31mph If you do not accelerate fast, it is probably fine, I did it some times as well, but I feel safer on that wheel below 28mph
  15. I was skeptical at first about this whole discussion too, but looks like there are legit points where this whole system could be improved and if a lot of people agrees I'm sure Inmotion would change it, like they did with many things recently. Still, I don't think the system is wrong, but there is a possible scenario where it could be ignored with too hard acceleration. So just take it easy at the top speed, no need to decrease speeds, that's not the problem.
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