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  1. Well this was one of the main reasons for going 126V and "only" 70kmh, so we will see how high the margin is. I also don't care about beeps on the v11, tiltback is always there when I need it.
  2. In my experience, if you start your ride coming from a warm place and don't stop for long, nothing inside the wheel gets below 10C while riding in around -6C outside temperatures.
  3. I wanted to say the same thing, I really hope the 4 row of leds have different tilts by default so you can choose how high you want to light the road ahead by turning them on and off seperately, further adjusted by the 15degree tilt if needed. It would also be a cool touch if you could set the speed at when they would turn on. If we are already talking about convenience, I hope there is a way to carry the wheel without having to turn it off and then on again like with the sherman...it is a real pain if you are forced to carry over obstacles many times. One more thing, is it finally p
  4. The same picture is there on facebook too, but I'm not surprised the K262 wins there, it's the most common tire people talk about. It's a good tire, way better than the old bycicle tires, but there are drawbacks of it mentioned above. I'm sure way more people use EUCs on road rather than offroad, so the C6004 seem to be the best option.
  5. Any idea how you carry this thing? maybe by the front trolley handle with one hand and that's it?
  6. The site now says S20 Eagle Specs. It's here. When you click on the specs page it asks for a password, anybody knows yet?
  7. Hi, There are a lot of EUCs in Budapest and the police does not care about them(no regulation). Have fun here
  8. All of my wheels came almost fully charged, so I guess so. You can cycle the LEDs by pressing the power/lamp button, it changes at every third press, or just use the app. There is one mode where the front is white (also shows battery) and the rear is red that gets brighter when braking.
  9. When can we finally stop talking about bearings only? It's a waste of time, even if it gets noisy, you can ride without worry. My wheel has 7300kms now since november and still using stock motor with original 6816 bearings, only thing we had to do was drill a hole in the motor for breathing. It has seen everything that is possible, deep puddles, crazy storms, washing under the shower, so much mud that the wheel wouldnt even budge until being washed out and it still runs like new. Aside from the things that was obvious on day one(useless mudguard, low front shell, random accelerate sq
  10. Not less than any other wheel, 6300kms here without any significant issue.
  11. I would like to know this as well, I regularly get over 100% without effort so it's not like the real power left.
  12. Just a small observation: that mudguard is going to be useless again in any serious wet riding (like on the v11), will have to wait for hulajmarket again probably
  13. Almost all the handles can work as helmet mounts and I always used them as well, the only wheels I couldn't were the kingsongs, as the trolley is way too wide.
  14. lol, I think we all got to this realization at some point. The difference in range can be huge. You could go for 120kms+ with the 16x that lasts the whole day, if you are taking it slow. Or you can deplete it in less than 2 hours if you go on full speed all the time and only get ~50kms of range.
  15. Maybe your seal friction limits the speed? Can't think of anything else, mine works like before, even a little better at 55/56kmh
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