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  1. I've tried putting diffuser in front of the light, partially or fully, it still blinds and just makes the light worse overall, I decided to go full dark instead, but it was annoying so I sold the wheel..
  2. Good to see other people too that care more about EUCs other than speed and range, a lot of times those get overshadowed here. I Think the best is the one that fits the highest amount of users, is reliable, does not cause any inconvenience and it would probably be the v8f and the 18xl because they are just good and reliable all around. So which wheel would that be in 2020?
  3. There is no magic in range, have you tried both and you only got 40mile on the v11 and over 60 on the 16x with the same usage? I doubt that. It is more than 1554wh gotways and less than 1554wh kingsongs. Yes I did not count gotway here, because the points I said in my first post, but maybe that only concerns me, it is a big thing that we are breaking the 30mph barrier with other manufacturers with their different safety implementations. I always had to worry pushing gotways as I know I wouldn't hear the beeps and I sure did not know where exactly is the limit how much I can go. I used the 16x handle for several months and that is exactly why I say these points. Maybe others don't use it much or I have a different perspective or use case here too. Yes the V11 does not use thicker wires but it is a step in the right direction. I'm also willing to ignore the large number of broken wheels as we can find those with any type of wheel, especially the earlier days or with big crashes involved. And yes I mentioned those points like you say as well, I just said my perspective on why the sherman wouldn't be my wheel of choice, and why I like the direction wheels like the v11 is going, continuing to improve basically everything compared to last years wheels, listening to the users, staying convenient while still providing a safe and quality wheel without rising the price.
  4. While I understand why people vote the sherman for the best wheel, the sherman would be very far on my list. There is a point, where you just don't need more range or more speed as the speed is rarely used and not safe, especially where you still have to rely on hearing beeps only at around 50mph, there is no preprogrammed tiltback to know you are starting to go past the limit, you are just guessing even if you watch your speed constantly which is another annoying thing you have to do, the braking and the battery consumption is also getting worse exponentionally. The bigger battery, if you not use if regularlyis just a waste in space, weight, and price...you could almost buy two wheels for its price!!, although it is nice indeed for longevity and avoiding sag. The lower, narrow, dipping pedals are also a problem..I like to stand with my feet positioning sideways as it is way more comfortable and it is not possible on the shermans narrow pedals, the low clearance also got me into trouble on other wheels and its annoying when you scrape it, so I want to avoid it if I can, dipping just makes this worse. The clearance issue again with the roll bar going very far over the tire makes it possible to hit it while going over obstacles which I do a lot, and also makes it worse if you plan to install any non knobby tire, which would be more befenicial in more scenarios than a knobby. The display...I'm really not sure if it is needed? I don't see myself getting any use of it..there are easier ways to show battery status and the app is there for everything else As I go with my wheel everywhere, it would be a pain having to turn off and on everytime I need to lift it and have to use both hands for it, not even talking about the weight, which is noticable when riding as well, especially low speeds...At least the trolley handle seems to be good enough. Not having suspension is another big comfort and safety factor that needs to be taken into consideration from now.. It is still a wider wheel with no comfortable side padding at all...the waterproofing and the maintenance just got worse if anything over previous gotway models, I still can't update the firmware, it still has the old axle design, still no mudguard in the box, it is very loud and vibrates. At least you can adjust the light to not be blinding and it won't fall apart at the first fall, so we are getting somewhere. These are just a few things came into my mind suddenly, in short, it is just a waste for most people, they would be better off with something else, but it is the best if you require speed and range only. My vote goes to the v11 as well for having the highest speed of a nongotway wheel, best lights, suspension, kickstand, app options(there is a ton!), pedal clearance, comparable range to kingsong wheels, super slim design, good waterproofing, hollow motor, wide pedals, best new trolley handle design, small silent 2.5A stock charger with a possibility of using 2, and a very good price for what it offers, and the accessories for it are still coming. I Don't think gotway and nongotway riders ever going to agree, that's just how it is
  5. looks like it just got released, so no more waiting
  6. The best thing about having anything else than a gotway is that you don't have to listen to the beeps at all, you just feel the smooth tiltback and don't have to worry about checking the speed everytime or listening to the beeps
  7. I think you are missing the point about the 18xl being much stronger battery wise, thats why it doesnt happen with it but happens with the s18
  8. It is 66kmh with a fully charged 84v battery voltage of course and it just gets lower and lower, the headroom is small on that wheel
  9. My 16x spins up to 65/66kmh, are you sure you got 76kmh free spin on it??
  10. Did you only ride the 16x before? That is the only wheel that makes absolutely no noise, every other wheel has some kind of whine noise that you can hear when going slow
  11. Inmotion firmware is pretty clever when it comes to calculating available power, it lets you get slightly more speed if you accelerate gently or going downhill, also the tiltback is very subtle at the beginning
  12. Really cool teardown, thanks for showing us all
  13. I agree, mrelwood really explained well the differences and I feel the same about the things he said and I'm sure we could go on and on about every small detail. The best is how all these little things come together and forms into a single wheel.
  14. It's amazing how people are literally asking for a cutout, increasing speed without even knowing how the speed is achievable or not...imagine if they did increase it like they did with the 16x and then the surprised people come one after another wondering why they faceplanted when they didn't even reach 30mph...this is how.
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