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  1. It is true that the air pressure will change as you said, but the air pressure is only a reference value. Although the air pressure will change, this position after compression is fixed as the initial air pressure and will not be different every time, so just follow the standard operation, Riding does not have an impact, and even if you want to refer someones setting, you won’t get different air pressure.
  2. The heat generation is related to the current. The heating of the wire and the melting of the rubber prove that its wire cannot meet too much current. I think the design of its heat dissipation system is unreasonable, causing local high temperature, and the enclosed environment is like an insulation system instead of a heat dissipation system, excellent design doent need to use a fan to dissipate heat, and a bad design cant dissipate heat with a big fan. can see that its mos are not evenly distributed on the radiator, but concentrated in one corner, which part of close to the fan is gets good
  3. I don’t think shock is a simple thing. It’s just like adding shock to make it great. It’s too naive. WRC and F1 have shock both, but the two systems are completely different. The amount of information in it is too much. It’s huge, and it’s not a shock that can be summarized. If some one has advantage, the information in it should be concerned, such as the v11 lighting , how it is great, and what design is contained in it, I dare Certainly not just because the power, its more of a great design. If its just a design favored by public, it will inevitably fail, but if it has an advantage, then how
  4. Feel the wheels always want get rid of the oppression of the sole,I think the boss of Gotway is sleeping when he takes art class, or this is the designer's revenge for his dissatisfaction with salary
  5. You are right. In the information I know, there are also two air springs. I mean that compared to the asymmetric structure in bicycles, the impact of the imbalance caused by the two air springs will be smaller. Compared to these, I Pay more attention to the damping system inside
  6. I think this is an interesting thing. Everyone guesses the product from the one-sided information and stands in line with personal needs, amplifies the one-sided information they get, attacks it or likes it, especially those disgusting emotions, they hope to destroy the other party, Then let everyone stand with themselves,its interesting
  7. My guess is because it makes it more difficult to adjust the suspension on the V11. Also, if one side is adjusted even slightly differently, then this will put extra stress on the other part. It also means extra weight and extra manufacturing cost because you have 2 times the number of parts and connections. I'm only guessing here but hopefully @buell47will give us a fuller answer. I don’t think this needs to be worried, because although there is only one air spring inside the bicycle fork, the other side is a damping system. Compared to v11, the activities of the bicyc
  8. The s18 battery is wrapped in an independent aluminum casing and the outside is a semi-nude casing
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