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  1. Thanks for putting this video together! Much appreciated:)
  2. Handle that like a boss! I appreciate the straightforward reponse in regards to learning. No secret here, no super inate talent. Simply practice. My reference point is backwards riding. Lots of practice to get going and more practice to get reasonably confident. I have to pad my wheel to begin doing the one foot riding. I can see many dismounts in the learning process.
  3. Excellent skills. Thanks for sharing. The smaller v8 has a niche. I've seen other videos where riders with the small ninbot uni are also demonstrating Excellent balance skills and doing similar tricks. I guess the size of wheel is vital to learning/doing this style of skill riding. Is this type of trick riding even possible with an 18inch wheel?
  4. I bought wheel from Duf. All the upgrade videos are documented on his YouTube channel. Great guy. Great wheel.
  5. Selling my Kingsong 18XL, it has approximately 2000km on new 2200W motor and 1556WH batteries. It was originally a KS18L purchased from ewheels. I am the second owner. Excellent EUC - in great condition. Upgdaded 1556wh battery Upgdaded 2200 watt motor Upgdaded Extra wide foot plates Tire is in great condition Comes with original packaging, manual, Kingsong charger, 3d printed wheel stand, great battery, long range wheel. Runs perfectly. Asking $1400 USD http://imgur.com/gallery/a4XyJfX
  6. Yeah. I'm all in on the no secrets meme. Its the tone of the comment that struck me as brutal.
  7. Well. This morning I started the wheel and itook it to work w the lift sensor engaged. I took it easy expecting the wheel to stop balancing at the stoplight yet it performed perfectly - all day. Guess it needed to completely dry out. Now I just new to order the headlight from the 18XL. My headlight is like performing at 30% of its normal brightness. I read this is a normal thing on the 18l if one keeps the headlight on all day (which I did). Apparently the 18XL has an improved light.. Great wheel in all other respects:) Thanks for the feedback!
  8. I ended up in the rain a couple of days again w my 18L. Went through a puddle that turned out to be so deep my feet go thoroughly soaked! I didn't fall off or anything- just disappointed to have went through so much water w the wheel. That night the wheel started acting weird - with it not balancing when powered on. It would balance dor a second then just quit balancing Intermittently. The next day I noticed that when the lift sensor was activated in EUC world, the 18L would stop balancing. The 18L would balance when the lift sensor was deactivated. I'm thinking the lift sensor
  9. So is this move by IM same as locksong corporate behavior? No access to IM app means no way to calibrate the wheel. The wheel may be almost unrideable after a bit of time - or maybe not to be used right out the box? Not sure? Plus will all the features in the IM app will be unusable to those who purchased via aliexpress? Is this a new policy?- I have not heard about it.
  10. That's reassuring as I recently picked up an18xl and really like it. Can you say more about the comparison.... Would you say the V11 has more torque, higher top speed, even more stability? How about agility. Also is the range that much more in the V11 compared to the 18XL? The 18xl feels really good in these areas.
  11. Inmotion has all the right moves.
  12. Best thing about these videos from places aroud the world I have never visited is the watching the great people presenting and the enthusiasm they share for the EUC! Language takes second place to awesome footage of the places where they live be it Russia, China, U.K. Sweden, etc.. Living in N.A. this is really enlightening. Nice work Inmotion! Looks like we have an awesome wheel here. Positive vibes all around planet earth. Awesome! Waiting patiently for delivery:)
  13. Cool. I'll order the v8f tire and give it a go. I have the V11 on order but I will keep the v8- it's a great wheel! Thanks again
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