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  1. Ok. I have seen enough videos and reviews and read the opinions. All GOOD Now beginning WAIT mode.
  2. Excellent post. Thanks for this @mrelwood! The V8 is my first (and only) wheel. I am learning to appreciate it more every time I ride it. The smallish tire would be a great upgrade I believe. I may try it if waiting for the V11 gets to be too much:)
  3. One of those has my name on it:)
  4. It's a about quality of the materials used, it's about the engineering- electrical and industrial, it's about thought and care put into the ECU that really differentiates the inmotion V11 from the rest of the contenders. Specs come in second, third, or fourth place to all these attributes. And the V11 can run with many of the contenders without suspension to boot. Buy the steak for the steak-not the sizzle. But then again to each his/her own. Free market.
  5. Inmotion Official Electric Unicycle Group😎 Official Language of the Group: English What you can get from here? ⭐1.First hand info about Inmotion new products and promotion event. ⭐2. Direct after-sales service from Inmotion Headquarter. ⭐3. Connect
  6. Like Christmas for an 8 year old! Nothing feels quite like anticipation:) I'm savoring this feeling...
  7. Thanks for sharing the pics. This ECU is shaping up to be the real deal.
  8. Yeah I am getting stoked! This is going to be a great wheel. I'm riding my V8-(I have about 1100km since mid April) and I am loving it more and more. As Long as I show the V8 respect and operate it within its limits it is a wonderful device. I am looking forward to going faster than 26kmh though! This company seems to have a long term view and I am on board. If any company is looking like they will take EUC's to the masses it's this company with it's philosophy of quality, safety of the end user and listening to the customer. Profits will come in spades if they keep this up. Go Inmotion!
  9. Great review Mickey. Thank you. Excellent video quality as always Hopefully you have some other suspension wheel reviews coming:)) Anyways, thanks again. Your productions are appreciated!
  10. @ Alienrides- Thank you for putting together an honest review- warts and all. Much appreciated from an end user perspective. Looks like a great attempt by KS at a potentially awesome wheel. I'll be sticking with the V11 this time around.
  11. I can second those words of warning. The V8 is not meant for speed. I rarely go over 26-27 kph since I had a cut out. All my fault though. 35% battery and i didn't hear the warning to slow down. I was accelerating and boom. Found myself with an asphalt scrap on the lower arm that looked grrizzly. Luckily it wasn't too bad and healed up in a couple weeks. Good lesson though. The V8 is no speed machine. Now I have the warnings coming through the bluetooth speakers w the EUC app. And I listen:))
  12. Heavy duty heat sink. The unit Likely gets very hot. Handle w care
  13. Nice post. Makes a lot of sense. No wonder it felt good writing what you wrote. I really enjoy the EUCO videos. Don't know Jeff but sending positive energy to him and his family. Hope all goes well for him and he gets back in front of the camera.
  14. Hey Mike. Really enjoy your videos! Open honest stream of consciousness mixed in with detailed examinations of these devices we all love to use. Thanks for being the brave one who puts this type of content out. No affiliation with anyone or anything is empowering and definitely has its privileges. Interesting how with an issue this potentially damaging to EUC's in regards to the physical safety of the user and the general public, as well as the potential to severely limit the sale and use of EUC's through much stricter legislation, many of the EUC "influencers" on this forum and on YouTube are strangely quiet on this issue. There seems to be a general malaise to the response of EUC's igniting, and the fire incidents are brushed aside as one offs....Nothing to see here.... carry on. Hmmmm. Why aren't the influencers speaking up and asking questions? Affiliations? idk. Maybe some are waiting for a sponsorship - or are being sponsored? The way of the world i guess. May be wise to put the user and public safety at the top of the priority list here. If we can't trust the resellers modding battery packs it's one thing. If we can't trust the manufacturers - then that's another thing. So let's see who is asking questions so the industry can move forward, and let's see who is towing the company line.
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