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  1. Oh, I remember this old girl... it's what I learned on
  2. Albatross


    This kid amazes me everyday. I was telling him that riding while sitting is an advanced skill, when he said, “is it?” And did the following...
  3. This thread is wild... you guys pushed me over the edge. I am now selling a 1970s Longines watch From my collection to get a V11. When the conversation comes up with my wife, I’m directing her to this thread.
  4. Feels so much better with original pads on it.
  5. I took these fugly things off. Took a ride without them and it feels the same. So the verdict is, according to my opinion, amazon pads not worth for the Tesla. It felt like they made a difference at first, but the ugly factor and that I actually started feeling limited by them. The original pads are going on until I can find a custom made pair that makes a difference in the ride and doesn’t look like shit.
  6. I used double sided tape
  7. Albatross


    Thank you, I know that I have lucked out with these kids. They are both awesome. The five year old is now asking when he is going to start riding the EUC... lol
  8. Albatross


    Family went on a camping trip to Lake Glory, PA. I tried to make this video shorter, but how do you cut an hour worth of riding footage to 3 minutes... Well here it is, another ride with the best riding partner I can have, my 9 year old son.
  9. Hey Ya'll, wanted to put this out there and see if anyone would be interested. Hey, you never know until you ask... I love my Tesla V2, but the higher pedal clearance and greater range has me tossing and turning at night thinking of a KS16X. My Tesla V2 has less than 500 miles on it. Excellent condition, I have some Amazon Power Pads on it and will include original pads as well. Budget is tight, so I can't just get another wheel, otherwise I would keep the Tesla. But if anyone has a KS16X and would like to trade it for a Tesla V2, I would be willing to do trade + cash. Let me know...
  10. Oh boy, Jeff I think we used to fly PPG together back in the day!!! I'm Igor, do you remember me?
  11. I looked at the POC as well after seeing Hsaing's video, but decided to go with Bell 3R. The POC is a skiing helmet, I would imagine my dome cooking in the 90+ degree weather we are having and went with the Bell.
  12. I’d say 2 and 1/4 inches
  13. Albatross


    Got a rare Sunday afternoon to ourselves without the kids. And I got my Bell 3R delivered today, I had to to go riding... very happy how comfortable this helmet is.
  14. Kids were at my parents and wife on her girls night out. So I was editing. Didn’t do it alone. Have to give credit to the half bottle of bourbon.
  15. @Bvoland and @Jarome here’s my attempt of a group ride vid.
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