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  1. Tried venturing out in the dark. Rode around for 3.5 miles. Scared shirtless. Not ready for night riding lol.
  2. Got a few short rides in between the raining. Actually worked up the nerve to hold something in my hands while riding. Here’s my first video riding. Using first gen GoPro I got for my son off eBay for $25. Actually enjoyed the process. Will look into getting a better camera.
  3. Took a ride with the new Vans on. Can’t say that I’m impressed or feel any more comfort in them. Maybe they need to be broken in and tested on longer rides. Seems I’m more comfortable riding in the adidas boosts. Maybe it’s because they are the only shoes I used while riding before I got these vans. Anyway, going to abuse them some and see how they feel broken in. The grip is definitely better.
  4. I’m just floored at how much better I am at this!!! Last weekend the wheel got away from me during dismount and I had to catch it. Slightly pulled my back in the process. Rode the wheel with slight discomfort since then. Was getting gradually better. Legs and knees were killing me on Monday and Tuesday. Legs and knees got better, back still bothering me, its getting better. Took a day off riding yesterday. It’s raining outside right now, I’m “working” from home today. So situated the kids with homework and ran to the garage to put my gear on and got on the v8f. Wow, just wow. I feel 100 times more relaxed on it. Take of was smooth with minimal correction. Rode for about a mile and then it started raining. Luckily I was back by my house. Average speed was 17mph, top speed 20.6. I’m amazed how smooth everything felt today. Changed my feet positioning with them being closer to the wheel. Before I was aiming to be somewhere in the middle. It feels much better. Also, changing the pedal pitch from 0 to -2 made a huge difference, I don’t feel like I’m hanging of the front of the pedals, just figured out that a slight discomfort that I was feeling before and that prevented me from relaxing more was this. Tried carving a little, but after a few rights and lefts. Tensed up and had to correct myself. New riding shoes are coming today. A pair of Vans Sk8-Hi. Looking forward to see the difference in riding in them vs my adidas boosts. Hoping the rain is going to stop so I can put a couple of more miles under my belt. Want to feel confident enough to go on a bike trail this weekend.
  5. Digging the KS16X or Tesla. I need to sit tight for a couple of months. I recently sold an old motorcycle that I had, but our main fridge crapped out, so money went to that. I really want my 9 year old to learn how to ride so we can have this activity together, so will not be selling the v8f, will keep it for him. Thought of getting him the Mten 3, but you guys are right, I will need a more powerful wheel soon, so I will save up for either a KS16X or Tesla. The wife seems mentally prepared for it, since when she asked I told her that I will be riding the v8f for at least a a year, she smiled and said that she is giving me 4 months, before there is going to be a new wheel in the garage and we will again have a hard budgeting conversation.
  6. Wow, he kept the receipts. I usually burn the evidence...
  7. I opened our computer yesterday and saw that she was looking up prices for a b8x electric unicycle. Of course she got the v8f part wrong and the wheels that popped up were ninebot One e and c. She is still trying to figure out how much I spent on it. Money came from me selling a few vintage watches that I refurbished and from my paypal account, so she has no clue.
  8. She has been through this with Powered Paragliders (I used to fly when we just met), motorcycles, watches and other silly s#@t that I get into...
  9. Oh no, she hasn't stopped expressing her dislike of the EUC since I got it.
  10. Man, went around again. 5 miles!!! By the end had crazy wobble and tilt back. My wife just settled into this new adventure of mine and asked me, when I’m going to get another one. She knows me too well!!!
  11. Just got on the wheel and was riding Jon stop for an hour. Ventured out of my development and rode to a park 2 miles away. On the way back experienced my first tilt back. I’m so super excited. Had a blast!!!
  12. Went out riding around my neighborhood first thing in the morning. Had my longest continuous ride on the wheel. I was at 16th minute when the wobble started popping up more often and my feet and legs were screaming at me. Take offs are much smoother today, where I don’t have to do much correcting and just start moving forward. Top speed was about 12mph. Average speed at 9mph. Last stop was anything but smooth and I had to catch the wheel. Felt a slight pull in my lower back. Hope I won’t be on my back in pain in a couple of hours. Wishing for the best. Lol
  13. I want to get one for my 9 year old son. I might take you up on the test offer. Thank you.
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