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  1. Wish you all the best in your recovery! And thanks for the Sherman!
  2. Whats wrong with the Sherman. Got any pics ?
  3. I can testify for the steering wobble. Outta control, and unmanageable.to regain balance from it. 😢
  4. Unfortunately I have learned this hard way. Going to be another 2 - 3 weeks before I can get on any wheel to go at it again. I had the freak luck of the grip tape from the pedal ripping out my skin from behind the ankle after I was tossed with the wobble.
  5. Everyone - After waiting 3+ months for my order of the s18. I took a slight fall on the S18 the very same night that it arrived. Other than that the wheel is in excellent condition. There is no mis-alignment of the wheel. Just a slight scruff on the right side panel, pedal and a cracked rear panel (I have the replacement part coming in on saturday, which will be included in the asking price). The S18 has about 24 miles on it. FULL Warranty (12 months left) from eWheels. I am not an avid rider during the fall/winter months so I rather just let this go to someone else who is and wanting a s18 sooner. I will probably pick another one up in the spring time. The price is FIRM @ $1,800 with replacement part for the broken piece and all accessories that came with my original purchase including the boxes. LOCAL PICK UP in NYC/Long Island. Don't waste your time or mine with offers lower than asking, otherwise I plan on keeping it. Link to Photos of the S18 : https://photos.app.goo.gl/V31jHKiWmvULEHAb7
  6. Changing this metal housing seems like I have to take apart the entire wheel!! Arggghh
  7. Thanks will have to try that. I think my PSI was close to 40. I didn't get those wobbles in the first 24 miles of my trip but then out of the blue.. just started going crazy, like a psycho date. Probably wobbled for about 3-5 seconds before finally bucking me off. Just emailed eWheels to see if they have that part in stock since my controller board is now exposed because of that crack. All in All, the S18 held up well with the crash. Slid a good 20 feet before coming to rest. There was a parked car on my right which I thankfully avoided hitting.
  8. Took a tumble last night on my brand new s18. Uncontrollable wobbles started happening around mid 20s. Had about 20 miles under my belt. Sustain a big gash by my ankle other than that I was wearing all my gear. The s18 held up well as well. Cracked the metal in the back near the rear light housing. I had two Bose micro speakers attached to the sides. They ended up being good bumper guards since it took all the impact. will have to take it apart and investigate more later.
  9. Thanks! hahah. I figured it out before I read your post but exactly what you mentioned. Took about an hour to figure out the suspension, I think I got it to a point where I like it. However the bumper is garbage.. the ring just ripped off?
  10. Just arrived. The wire near the pedal is rubbing.. we will have to hammer that in. I do have the blocks, that I will attempt to remove as well. Also, I realized I cannot pump the + chamber beyond 120 ? Impossible to pump it.
  11. Haha. So what about batch one and two? Will they get the fixes too?
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