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  1. Hey iedereen, goed om te zien dat er hier ook vlaamstalige Belgen zitten Ik ben Michael van Monowheelshop, wij hebben met enkele mensen een whatsapp groepje (momenteel 25 leden) gestart om samen te kunnen praten over alles gerelateerd aan EUC en af te spreken voor rides. Ikzelf ben van Wilrijk Antwerpen, hoe meer zielen hoe meer vreugd zeg ik altijd De whatsapp groep is voor nederlandstalige riders om deze ook een soort platform te geven om met elkaar in contact te komen. Dus wie will joinen dit is de uitnodigingslink: https://chat.whatsapp.com/CPFWjRPtARcJ7DfqWPJRwt Als je joined stel jezelf even voor Dit is geen spam groep, alsook niet gericht op commerce, enkel om likeminded mensen te ontmoeten en zo de hobby te vergroten.
  2. Hey guys, We started a Whatsapp group for Dutch speaking Belgian EUC riders. The group is growing nicely already but the more the merrier We decided to make this group since there wasn't a whatsapp chat yet for Dutch speaking Belgians. You can meet more local riders and discuss everything related to EUC riding and new stuff. We created a map where all riders can put their region in so it will be easier to organize grouprides and events. Second hand sales are also allowed in the group. At 50 members we also do a giveaway of a very nice price. To join just use this invite link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/CPFWjRPtARcJ7DfqWPJRwt Hope to see you guys there
  3. Looks like an awesome group to ride with, been watching your videos and the area you guys are looks great to ride. I wished roads were as good here as in Cali
  4. Belgium: https://www.monowheelshop.be Kingsong dealer
  5. Untitled design (10) by Michael Rosseel, on Flickr
  6. Ok, on monday I will contact them and see what can be done
  7. I asked since we are KingSong dealer in Belgium and I can ask about the part for you
  8. can you show a picture of what part you exactly need?
  9. looking great, can be great for other models as well? What do you feel about long term use and wear? I used this type of foam before for another project and noticed after a while it crumbles, especially when its real hot. Maybe an idea would be to coat them with something so the foam doesn't come in direct contact with the rubbing of the inner knee? I love the work you have done and how they turned out.
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