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  1. Si vives en Málaga y quieres unirte y hacer rutas y quedadas, adjunto enlace del grupo de Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/PrArhBw0ymm757sMtJmrtw
  2. Cool Edit Pro 2.1 It is a bit old but it has everything I need
  3. Hello guys. I have been working on a Star Wars sound (podracer, tie fighter...) with sounds extracted from this video ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voLXsWkO2jM&feature=youtu.be (@RoadRunner @mike_bike_kite I think this interests you) I am very happy with the result. I share link of AVAS files and a little "promotional video" https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qo1RA6lbgJf67Sx1sLMt0AozqY0vvbHG/view
  4. erides.co.uk announces on its instagram that the speed, without load, of this wheel is "close to 100kph". Considering that an MSS has 96kph no load speed, and its real speed is approximately 72kph, and considering that a 3200wh Veteran weighs 33kg, the approximate speed of a Veteran can be about 70kph. Kuji has said on his instagram that the wheel is 18x3
  5. Kuji has posted on his instagram something about a new brand founded by ex-Gotway engineers, with a picture of his first model. It has a rough look, and 3200wh!! Does anyone know anything about this wheel?
  6. ugoaps

    MSS vs MSP

    The 2250wh battery is optional, the basic MSS includes the original 1800wh MSP battery, and its maximum speed is the same as that of the 2250wh version. The only difference is the range
  7. ugoaps

    MSS vs MSP

    There is a lot of confusion regarding this wheel. First it was said that it was an MSP with an MSX engine. This experiment has already been done by phantoms ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4ZDSJo1DU0&t=144s But the truth is that the MSP engine is not that of the MSX, Daniel Kot of EUCService has said it on facebook and other channels. It is a 2300w motor different from any Gotway. This together with a modification of the MBS is what turns MSP into MSS. All of this is detailed in the WrongWay review. However, Daniel Kot is reluctant to give many details about the modifications, and it is normal that this is the case, he wants to protect his business. The maximum speed is noticeably higher than that of MSP, but it is not sure that the torque is higher. Adam from WrongWay in his review, as well as Daniel Kot from EUCService on facebook say that MSS has higher torque than MSP, but the data does not guarantee it safely: WrongWay's Adam measures a 4.8-second MSS torque of 0-50km / h -> https://youtu.be/WMc4SBaqYp0?t=358 But, Kuji Rolls measures a MSP torque of 2.33 seconds from 0-50km / h -> https://youtu.be/QMQpDH_IXhU?t=363 Thus, it could be said that MSP has almost twice the torque of MSS. But also, Adam measures the MSP torque, and the result is about 7 seconds, more than double the Kuji measurement to the same wheel -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx0W1svSYrQ&t= Therefore, the influence of the rider's technique is important, and there is still no reliable comparison. The truth is that many of us find it hard to believe that an MSP is capable of having more speed and more torque, replacing the motor with a other less powerful 200w motor.
  8. This information is provided by Daniel Kot of EUCService. Does anyone know something?
  9. The mods made by phantoms are different from those made by EUCSERVICE for MSS. Fantomás installed an MSX engine, EUCSERVICE installs a 2300w motor that does not belong to any Gotway, in addition to changing the BMS and more. This is detailed by Wrongway in his MSS review.
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