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  1. "Testing" a charger? The wheel is already in pre-sale and weeks to go on the market, and are still testing chargers? The message they are giving to potential buyers is that it is a wheel finished in a hurry, with the quality problems that this usually brings. These things make many of us wonder if we are interested in buyng it.
  2. https://es.aliexpress.com/item/1005003217781632.html
  3. An aliexpress seller (Wheel Riders Store) denies me that Gotway will change the height of the pedals. I don't know who to believe anymore
  4. eucservice.com confirms that the first version of RS HS with the low pedals is no longer manufactured: "Dear Hugo, You can make order only C30 new model with high pedals as in MSP C30. Old model is no longer produced. Best regards, EUCservice"
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