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  1. Not so much the wheel, but the built in ankle pads and rider skill. your 16x could do it if you let him ride it lol
  2. In a bike fork they are joined top and bottom so pressure cannot be applied unequally, they work as a team to provide dampening. On the v11 the saddle is the only joining part.
  3. I feel he has both pressures up high, there is not float up or down in the shock. Seeing all the different v11 videos, and how the shock has reacted to each rider gives me confidence in my earlier assumptions on pressure and volume. it will take time to truly dial in the v11 shocks. I still have concerns for those who are going to pump up the v11 willie nillie. a shock on each side will make balancing the two difficult without putting too much torque on the saddle (this might have contributed to stress cracks in the saddle) volume vs pressure vs side. a process to pump your own shocks from 0 psi will be important to each new v11 owner. To do it correctly I believe it will be an involving process of adding portions of air to each chamber to keep the pedals even on the wheel while also trying to set your personal pedal height preference.
  4. Depending on the volume of each half of the shock cylinder, the pressure and volume you put into the top and bottom chamber will drastically change your ride in my opinion. this is just speculation, as I have not seen the shock internals at this time.
  5. Yes, under lower pressures it would perform as you describe, but once the pressures go up volume of air must be taken into account.
  6. I believe you should be able to set your own pedal height by adjusting the top and bottom pressures on the shocks. adding pressure to either top or bottom should increase pressure to both if i am correct in my assumptions. you could technically remove pressure from the bottom and add to the top the move the pedal height down, your travel would decrease and tighten up as you added to the top. not sure the pressures the shock can take but there is a ton of ways to set it up with dual chambers now.
  7. A request from a v11 hopeful to those who are riding, would you guys mind posting your average WH usage for your v11’s along with average speed. Thank you 🙏
  8. Yes this is actually a great feature no matter how hard it is to get to the shock lol. Definitely should of been advertised that’s too bad😢
  9. Yes, we must remember to never give them eyes lol. were looking at you Inmotion 👀 be careful with the A.I. 😳😂😶
  10. The 2200 watt motor will also draw a bit more power in the production model. i would like to know the average wh usage from anyone who has ridden it.
  11. Most people ride unbalanced front to back and must keep their weight on the balls and toes Of their feet to keep forward momentum. Moving you foot forward will bring you move inline with a regular stance that will balance across your feet evenly. this will also bring your ankle more inline with the wheel axle for improved control and stability.
  12. I thought I heard it can hit upwards of 5000w peak from one of the interviews
  13. Kph has been used alongside Kmph and km/h since 1911
  14. I am kind of disappointed with the s18 reviews, I understand that KS never has a good 1st batch of any wheel but I feel they did no real life testing themselves before the unveiled the wheel. Pads fall off, shock is awkward to pump, tire rubs on the fender because the shock is in the way, and the tilt back is obviously not working properly among other issues I’m sure. These are all problems they should of addressed before they even announced the s18. Sad they pushed it out early to steal Inmotion’s thunder, could of been a way better wheel if they actually put the time in
  15. Hitting curbs at angles can lead to a pedal catching and the wheel instantly spinning out. happened to me at low speed, but I could imagine anything over10kph being crazy
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