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  1. Thank you Michael, can you please tell me what should I use to do this? Thank you
  2. Is it possible to wake up the batteries? I checked the cables from the power button and they are in a good condition.
  3. First of all I want to say that I didn't used my kingsong 14c for a long time aprox 7-8 months aprox. Yesterday I wanted to charge it, at the begging my charger was not working but after asvweral tries it did charged for some hours. The green light shows on that batters are charged but when I try to start my kingsong nothing happens, it stays off. I tried to spin the tyre and it looks like it wants to start a small light for 1 second.. What could it be!?
  4. Are there any riders in Constanta? I commute daily with my EUC in the city but i would like to ride with someone maybe on weekends
  5. Geia sas! Hello everyone! Είμαι αρκετό καιρό στο forum αλλα τώρα βρήκα το thread σου, αυτή τι στιγμή δεν είμαι στην Ελλάδα αλλα θα έρθω αρχές ιανουαρίου. Ποιο έχεις?
  6. Hi! I am interested also, can you send me some pics? I live pretty close so we can meet anytime you are available.
  7. Very good video! What about the range of this model?
  8. Nice! Did you got your spare parts from ninebotmall? Good job!
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