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  1. Aah that's great. Yes, using DarknessBot I can now see the battery and other status of the wheel. Although I must say, what are KingSong playing at? The wheel is hardly a brand new product, but there is no decent iOS app for it? If not for this forum (and your reply) I, as a brand new KingSong customer would be completely baffled and unable to even check the battery status.. Very bizarre.. Fancy taking your iOS app off the play store before a replacement is ready. Oh well, thanks very much. I can use the wheel now.
  2. Hi all, After much deciding between the V10F and the KS18XL, my 18XL has finally arrived. However, I have download the 'SoftTuner' app and am confused where do I even see the battery level? There's settings and firmware update buttons, but.. battery..? Cheers
  3. I do wish the manufacturers would put some investment into making the wheels more reliable. For example, if battery voltage drops, some big capacitors somewhere could take the load for a few seconds and sound an alarm.. There must be a way they can protect against cut outs, even if it means a small amount of extra cost, it would be worth it. I for one would buy a wheel with extra safety features!!
  4. You are right in that I have surpassed the V5F+.. I definitely need a better wheel. I'm liking the look of the Gotway MSX, so we shall see. I would like to hope that the V5F is still a good and reliable wheel though. At the moment I will put my cut off down to the fact that I had left the wheel outside on a cold day, so the battery was too cold to be safely ridden. I was going very slow when it cut out, so it's not like I exceeded usual speed, but the battery was no doubt frozen.
  5. Funny thing is, I'm a gentle rider - in fact, I've never had a single tilt back on the V5F. I didn't even know it could! I thought it would just beep at you if it's getting upset. Yes the new wheels with suspension looks pretty sweet. My problem is that I've lost a bit of confidence, and the 'solution' seems to be to go and spend a huge amount of money on these next level wheels with huge batteries.. They 'ain't cheap!
  6. Freeride - thanks for that. It's true, very difficult to know what may have caused the cut off. Although I'd ridden for about 5 minutes beforehand, my hunch is that the batteries were cold and for whatever reason, the Li-Ion just couldn't supply the juice. That's golden advise - always be prepared for a fault. If I resume my wheeling, I shall order decent protective gear including a full face helmet. You don't know how nasty these things can be until you're thrown at the concrete. Thanks
  7. Hi there. This Inmotion Unicycle has a battery of 480wh I believe, so it seemed pretty chunky for my first wheel. I bought it brand new. Wow, you wouldn't buy anything less than 840! That must give an enormous range. The strange thing was that I didn't ask for a lot of power from the wheel, I just leaned forward a bit to overtake the pedestrian and it died. It's true, the only way to find out is to ride it with the battery warm and see if it throws me at the pavement again. I shall have to order more protective clothing I guess. The quandry now is whether I spend a lot of money getting a wheel with bigger batteries when ultimately, any one of them may develop a fault and throw me off. So it's all a risk.
  8. Hi All, I've been a huge EUC fan ever since I got my InMotion V5F+ about 2.5 years ago. I've done almost a thousand miles on it and love it to bits. BUT.. A few months ago I was on my way home from work on the wheel. I was just overtaking a pedestrian on the pavement when out of nowhere, it cut off on me. No warning sounds, no time to react, it just died, for the first time ever. I did a faceplant straight into the pavement and almost broke my arm. I ended up in hospital the next day but thankfully after about a week, the pain died away and I could use my arm again. It was a close call. To this day I am unsure what caused the problem. There was a light rain which I thought may have tricked it into shutting down, but after some tests it doesn't seem to turn off when the wheel is in motion, so it can't have been a bit of water on top of the wheel. I suspect maybe the battery was cold, as it had been outside for a while. I have run 'Diagnostics' in the app, and everything passes. But now, I have lost confidence to use the Unicycle. What if it does it on me again and I break my arm this time? That is something I cannot afford.. Was it a one off, or is something faulty, and will it do it again? For me, this now seems like a big risk. But I do miss using the unicycle terribly. What does one do in such a situation?? Is there a wheel out there that has additional circuitry to protect against cut offs? I'm not sure what to do now. Cheers
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